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  1. Hey Josh, No need to respond. I think I may have figured this out and so far, it all works beautifully. Cheers!
  2. Hi Josh, If you have a moment, would you mind having a look at the attached file? Once again, I'm at a loss with something what I feel is considered quite simple. This time, both layouts are independent of each other... so the newly created records in Song Info will not match the records in TV & Film Pitch. The issues, which is minimal, are on the front of the Song Info layout. As always, many thanks and have an awesome day! Test File DemoJOBR-3.fmp12
  3. You're absolutely right, Josh. Notes should always be clear as to what I'm after but the decision to add a second, almost identical layout actually happened in the last few hours, therefore making my initial post sound off a little. I believe I had mentioned on Friday that I'd like the latest entry to always be the one I see showing on this page, when going to this layout but I should be clearer in my description. My bad I followed your instructions and removing the If...End if and leaving the Perform Script works great! Many thanks!
  4. Hey Josh, Your addition works brilliantly! Thanks again! My solution is much broader and contains more layouts than you're seeing. There are now 2 different layouts, exactly like the TV & Film Pitch, so therefore the scripts, etc, are identical with the exception for certain name changes. Because of these 2 layouts, the Set Variable, like in the image below, the Value: "" was changed to Value: 1. For some reason, when I added your code to both of my layouts, when I would go to one of the layouts, click on the top title field, then go to the other layout, the top title wasn't highlighted. Adding Value: 1 did the trick. I hope this is ok, overall. Lastly, when I go between records on either layouts, the top title isn't highlighted anymore. Is this also part of the "Go to Layout..." script? Thanks!!!
  5. Hi Josh, I am ever so grateful for the file and the added code. This one really had me stuck but I see how you've done this. I'll add it to my existing file and let you know how it all pans out. Once again, you came through and I thank you. Have a great day!
  6. Once again I feel like a dummy. Yes, you're right. I do need to figure out when I want the trigger to run and #2 (Only the first time the layout loads) seems right. When I follow your instructions, I wouldn't even begin to know where to add the info into the script OnFirstWindowOpen and setting a global variable. I tried all night to figure this out and made a mess of things, although your explanation seems rather easy. If you have the time, is there a simpler way to explain this? If you don't Josh, I totally understand. Thank you.
  7. Hi Josh, Been trying to figure this one out by researching but I may not be googling the right questions. For reference, lets take latest example file in this thread, which is the most recent. When I open the file, it automatically opens up with the Song Info layout. This is good. I then go to the TV & Film Pitch layout, click the bottom entry "Big Show 2", Quit FileMaker and open the file up again... From Song Info, go to TV & File Pitch... how can I make the top and latest entry, in this case, "Foggy Nights' be active and highlighted in red? I'd like the latest entry to always be the one I see showing on this page, when going to this layout. I know it's a Script Trigger and possibly a Conditional Formatting but this is where I'm at a loss. Thanks!
  8. You're 100% right. I've learnt more from your examples and your work than I have from anyone else. For me, these examples files do the trick Cheers & thx!
  9. Josh! What can I say... thank you so much!! You have taught me so much in the last week. I'm doing the happy dance again I've studied how you have things laid out and now I understand where I went wrong. I would never have figured out the OnObjectSave. Excellent work! Thanks again! Chris
  10. Arrgh! Lol. I'm not able to make either of these work but I won't give up. In your description, it all seems so simple and yet, I seem to fall short. As always, Josh. Thanks for posting
  11. Hi Josh, I'm really enjoying the new additions to the file and I have to say it works really nicely Is there a way to incorporate these 2 features. The first is when you add a New TV show or Film, it immediately gets highlighted and the detail right side is blank? As it stands, I have to click on the new portal row to highlight. The second is, when adding a New TV show or film, it ends up at the bottom and I would like it to end up on top of the list. Thank you!
  12. Hi Josh, Ah! I see where I went wrong and when I look at the graph... it all makes sense now. What also threw me off is that some relationships aren't being used, as you mentioned earlier on, and they will be removed at some point. It'll make things easier to understand. Thanks again for your expert advice and work. Cheers! Great suggestion, Bruce. I had named them "portal" which made it easier for me to understand but your terminology is the correct way. Also nice and tidy. Thank you.
  13. Hi Josh, I thought I'd work the Pitch layout a little more by adding another portal into a slide control. When you have a moment, could you please have a look at the enclosed file again and see where I went wrong? When in the TV & Film Pitch Layout, and you go between the portal rows "Mash" and "Big Show 2", the Notes field follows correctly... but when you go to the next slide control layout, the portal/portal rows don't seem to work properly when you go between the 2 show titles. I've tried to connect table occurrences but still a no go. Thanks a mill! Test File Demo 2.fmp12
  14. You got it, Josh and again, thank you. Works like a charm
  15. Josh!!! You did it!! Woot woot!! (doing the happy dance) Thank you soooo much! Beautiful work!! I knew this could be done and later this evening, I will try to follow your work to incorporate into the actual FM file. Once again, many thanks! Cheers!
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