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  1. I am also running into this issue and believe I have it set up correctly. EmailConnectSMTP Username: globals_USERS::Email EmailCreate From: globals_USERS::Name_Full & "<" & globals_USERS::Email & ">" Could it be because I'm adding the full name? I thought that was a suggested way to do it to avoid being put in a spam filter. Additionally (only because it's tangentially related) I do have EmailConnectIMAP disabled. Don't think that's relevant but felt like I should mention it. Update: FWIW I just checked my plugin version and I'm on 3.1 while the mac
  2. Is the 'read only' version the only way to not allow end users (non-Filemaker) to delete events? Our users will have calendars on their devices that we manage via FM, but I would like them to have the ability to delete some events from their personal calendar. No need for it to sync back to FM.
  3. Can you elaborate on this a little more? We are running into issues where this file is nearing 2GB. Is that normal? Also, while deleting log files, as you mentioned above, does MS or FMS need to be stopped at all? Thanks
  4. An update: As I was debugging something else, I noticed that the delay is definitely on the EmailConnectSMTP & EmailConnectIMAP functions. EmailConnectSMTP is definitely slower than EmailConnectIMAP though. Everyone here is suggesting network issues, maybe I'm misunderstanding what is meant by that. Are you referring just to network speeds, etc? We are not having any network issues with anything else we are doing. What's a normal delay for the EmailConnectSMTP & EmailConnectIMAP functions? We are seeing ~5-10 seconds. Can someone remind me why I need to use both EmailC
  5. Firstly, sorry if this is the wrong section of the forum but this was the best fit I could find. I am currently using fmLog (https://app.works/tag/fmlog/) to keep an audit list for our dbs. It works great, except with certain characters. I believe this is the part that should be validating (removing) some chars that will break the script except it doesn't seem to be working. Let ( [ n = Substitute ( Get (ScriptParameter) ; "¶" ; "\¶" ); prefix = "$" ; e = PatternCount ( n ; " = " ) = 0 ; string = Substitute ( n ; [ " ; " ; "\"; " & prefix ] ; [ " = "
  6. I currently am setting up a bulk-send script that needs to include an attachment. The attachment is a pdf in a folder that is saved ahead of time (from outside FM). I am not sure where in the script to put the actual attachment function. Outside the loop: The same file is sent in every email. (The pdf that relates to the first record) Inside the loop: The first email is right, the 2nd has the first pdf, plus the correct one, the third has the first two plus the correct one, and so on. What am I missing? Thanks. EmailRegister [..] EmailConnectSMTP [..]
  7. According to the docs it should be a setting on the EmailSend function, but I am unable to add any parameters to that function. What am I missing? I'm on Windows if it matters. I am also struggling to figure out the error capture. Shouldn't I be able to just add a step right before EmailDisconnect that is essentially: If Get ( LastError ) = "ERROR" then show custom dialog with EmailLastError as body? Again maybe I'm just missing something.
  8. Thanks Ryan. I just wanted to verify that it was the semi-colon that was actually breaking it, and you've done that. I need to get some error checking in the send scripts pronto.
  9. EmailConnectSMTP and EmailConnectIMAP are definitely outside of the loop. EmailOutboundIsConnected: I do not have this in my script (there's no info in the docs about it). Would adding this into the loop speed the process up? Something to the effect of "if EmailOutboundIsConnected = 1 then send, else cancel" ? The emails do send as is so the connection is definitely staying open. Additionally, here's an example of my batch script so we're on the same page: EmailRegister [...] EmailConnectSMTP [...] EmailConnectIMAP [...] EmailCreate [From:FieldA; To:FieldB; Subject:"Text "&
  10. In our database some people have emails like: email@address.com; email2@address.com This seems to be breaking the email plugin. The emails never send. Is this the expected function? I know I should separate the email addresses into different fields/records/etc but this is a synced database, and that's how it was handled for years prior. I plan on fixing them all but it's causing issues elsewhere to make the changes. Thanks (and sorry for double posting)
  11. We have been using the email plugin for about a month or so and sometimes it's quite slow. I'm wondering if it's my setup. Here's a basic example of how we'd send a single email. EmailRegister [...] EmailConnectSMTP [...] EmailConnectIMAP [...] EmailCreate [From:FieldA; To:FieldB; Subject:"Text "& FieldC";] EmailSetBodyFile [url:"file:///H:/...template.html"] EmailBodySubstitute [Search String: %%FirstName%%; Replace String: FieldD] EmailBodySubstitute [Search String: %%LastName%%; Replace String: FieldE] EmailBodySubstitute [Search String: %%Salutation%%; Replace String: Fi
  12. @alanf did you ever get this working? I'm trying to do the same and can't seem to figure it out.
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