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  1. Hello, I'm working on a solution that will involve storing a lot of PDF files. I can't get the PDFs to display interactively in the container field when working on the desktop file in FM Pro 19 (it just shows the MacOs preview icon and filename). I have to manually download and open each file to view. FM Go opens the file fine in the native viewer. I am on MacOs Catalina and FM 19. I deleted the Adobe Internet plugins to no avail. Any other suggestions? I have had this problem on again / off again for many years with FM on Mac. Thanks
  2. For starters I want to say the FMPerception is a great tool. I downloaded the trial and after 4 hours decided to buy. One question I have is what do the different icons in the Quick Find column mean? Attached is a screenshot of the symbols I am getting in the "Quick Find" column of "Layout Objects (Flat)". Obviously the red octagon with exclamation point means something bad, but it's not obvious what that is. I have seen these icons on other reports and when analyzing 2-3 minutes i was easily able to find the issue, but not here.
  3. Hi, I am working to implement Easy Sync into a solution that may have 300K records or so. I am running a test with 225K records and cannot get the initial sync to complete - even when running it on the same LAN as the server (so the fastest possible connection). I tried the suggestions listed in this post to no avail. There are 5 tables total. 4 of them have 15 records each and the 5th has the 225K records. There are 10 fields max in each table. Any suggestions? Am I at the limit of Easy Sync?
  4. Hi, Easy Sync is alive and well. Thanks to this thread I was able to download and set it up in a few hours for a project we are working on. The setup was flawless, except the instructions for container field conversion to are a little off. If you run into that issue use the fix here. The version I have is 1.3 from 10/19/14. Is there a newer stable version, or is this it? The initial record load (I started it with a blank table on the ipad) took about 10 mins for 2000 records. After that the actual sync has been taking seconds. Anyone have experience with how
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