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  1. When I try to get past entering my FMS credentials i get the following error. Error unmarshaling return: nested exception is: java.lang.classNotFoundException: com.sun.xml.ws.ClientTransportException My database is hosted, so I have no control on that side. Is this something I"m doing wrong in the configuration (jnlp file) I don't think 2 minutes went by after starting this post when I got a reply from my Hosting company. They said: I'm seeing something odd in the logs, where your MirrorSync admin credentials are being sent to n441 as if they are the FileMaker Server Admin credentials, but of course they are not. In your MirrorSync configuration xml document (which we maintain) we have both sets of credentials listed but it appears MirrorSync is sending the wrong pair. I've opened a ticket with 360Works. It's incredibly odd as we have many other customers using MirrorSync 4 on our shared servers not experiencing this problem. I'll write you back when I know more. I'll post what they find out. Maybe it will help someone else.

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