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  1. Hi All, as mentioned on the topic, I would like to create a unique value script instead of Validation the field for code put like ex.12324331 in the portal. thanks in advance for any help or support ...
  2. in fact, I created two fields to search about serial No or code .the serial No. for name of room while code for elements inside the room. because some time I search about code only. Now I have facing problem can't search two fields serial no. or code by IOS camera. as per mentioned the script above.
  3. No, the serial no. For items like 89998712537. And code for room like IT-0001. I hope you getting my idea.
  4. Hi All, I would like to find solve my issue, as mentioned on the topic of how can find more than fields like serial No. or Code by IOS camera. please find below the script. thank in advance for any help or support
  5. Thanks is working perfectly... In case put the icon in portal row.?
  6. Yes,should be manually if you can provide the calculation I will be appropriate it ...
  7. I meaning the guard in security room put time by manual. Have any method shown like hand different time between current time and insert time by manual. Or if you have any technuiq please provide us. I hope now understand my issue.
  8. Hi All, As per mentioned on topic, in fact i would like to create icon ex. hour in case rigging guard the insert time.
  9. thanks for reply ... Reality i created the script but not working fine I need if password is match can press ok and send but if not give him message is not correct the password. I hope now you understand what i need
  10. Hi all, as per mentioned that I would like to add password in my script to allow if the password is correct allow to progrss to send SMS unless give him message the password is not correct. please find below my script:)
  11. Totally I agree with you but about the above script is working fine or need improve. Notes. I will integrate with this script permission for normal user to hidden tools and menu .
  12. as mentioned on the topic. I created script triggers in case exceed the specified date if the user normal will give him a message and exit application. I need someone to help me to improve my script or advice me.
  13. Your are super FM is working fine in future I will update Please I hope to visit this link :
  14. I created as per mentioned but unfortunately still if e-mail correct given me No. 1
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