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  1. Your are super FM is working fine in future I will update Please I hope to visit this link :
  2. I created as per mentioned but unfortunately still if e-mail correct given me No. 1
  3. Actual I created function but while filling the field correct e-mail give me No. 1 instead of e-mail. the result
  4. Hi all, I would like to create a script or function for the Email field in case the entry of the email without @ give him an error or an invalid address. thanks a lot for any help or support
  5. Hi all, Actually, as mentioned on the topic also as per shown below this layout dedicated for visitor in kiosk because sometimes the guest login to fill the required fields but for some reasons leave or ignore to complete it or change to mind to stay and leave ,Therefore the layout still shown till next visitor. I would like to add in my script to delete the request if some field empty. thanks a lot for any help or support
  6. thanks a lot for reply yes this is what I need but if I need more professional in case visitor put more than 15 number or missing number should give him show dialog or error
  7. As per mentioned in topic ,I would create script help me to make" - " between number for Emirates ID include 15 like ... 783-1986-1234567-9 Thanks alot for any help....
  8. Thanks for reply but I will explain more my purpose cos your reply different what I need. First report I will be landscape in visitor list layout: Script: Second report for Accident Layout: Script : I hope to be clear now
  9. Where I put this calculation ? Actualy yesterday I try very thing working fine.
  10. Hi all, As per mentioned on title ,I have two report in different layout in my database .I hope find script to solve my issue without change orientation every time manual. I have two type setting to report print. - First report print need landscape. - second report print news portrait.
  11. thanks a lot for clarification, how can skip this issue people born on February 29 will be skipped in 3 out of 4 years.?
  12. Hi All, As per mentioned on topic I Would like ask someone to help me this issue because I am trying more than time unfortunately all is not successful to send e-mail for birthday in case have in the same day more than one employee. on filemaker server :
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