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  1. Ok, I understand now. Yes, that should work in my solution! Thank you OlgerDiekstra.
  2. OlgerDiekstra, You raise a good point, but this is just one part of a much larger calculation that does already have <<subst1>> and <<subst2>>, which is determined by test scores and different descriptive terms that the end user decides. So the reality is that the same sentence looked something like this originally: <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>'s reading performance was found to be at <<a or an>> <<subst1>>, while <<his or her>> math calculation skills were found to be at <<subst2>>. Since the end user can define what labels are being used for <<subst1>>, <<a or an>> cannot be calculated until the other text calculations have been completed first.
  3. As part of a much larger text calculation (in the style of a merge letter style solution) , I am trying to create a custom function that will substitute a tag/placeholder such as <<a or an>> with either "a" or "an" in the final calculation, which I think will need to based on a pre-defined list of words that would require one or the other. From a grammar perspective, the use of the articles "a" or "an" is irregular, as it is based on if the subsequent word (most of the time at least) has a vowel sound (e.g., both "university" and "undone" start with the letter "u", but each requires a different article because one has a vowel sound when said aloud and the other doesn't. So, I would expect to have to supply 2 lists of words within the custom function that (which I would update regularly), unless someone happens to know another way to do this. Given a text calculation that might read something like: "The client's reading performance was found to be at <<a or an>> eighth grade level, while his math calculation skills were found to be at <<a or an>> first grade level. " The first placeholder would be "an" and the second would be "a". Thank you.
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