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  1. I think I made a breakthrough with this. I just created a test relational database, with a portal, and I got the portal to work. To a point. I've run into a snag. But I have a gut feeling it just requires a minor tweak that I might need a touch of help with. I've come to the realization that a flat-file database is just not going to work. I see now how building relationships will be far more advantageous and efficient. So how about we close this thread. I do need a little bit of help tweaking the portal I just designed, but perhaps it would be better if I start a new thread for it? Thank you, everyone.
  2. Well, because I'm not really very knowledgeable about database design, and felt what I am doing is simple enough to make this a flat-file db. I'm realizing I'm not right about that.
  3. I really don't want this database to be relational. I don't think it needs to be. One movie, one director (some movies have more than one director, but I have ways of dealing with that), one genre. (As for actors, if anyone reading this is wondering...I've deliberately left out any reference to actors. I'm creating a separate database for actors, which will be relational. One movie, several actors.) Let’s take this in a different direction. Let’s try this, instead: I have a Microsoft Word document with a list of approximately 600 movie directors. I have a table named Directors, with a text field named Directors List. Can I paste that list into that table/field, and base the Value List on that field? Is it possible to do this? I’ve already tried, but I noticed Filemaker doesn’t have a Paste Append option. Microsoft Access does, and it allows me to paste multiple lines into a form or table. I can’t do it with Filemaker. When I select a portion of the list and copy it to the Clipboard, then try to paste it into the table, all of the pasted data is entered into one record in the field. Obviously, that’s not what I want. So, how can I do this in FileMaker? If I can find a way to paste these 580 lines into the field, then it will make it much, much, much easier for me to have a Director drop down menu.
  4. Hi everyone, I need some help creating a drop down menu. I’ve read several threads in this forum about it, but I’m not grasping the concept. I’m probably overlooking something simple, so I just need a nudge in the right direction. It’s a movie database, and I’m adding a drop down menu for directors. I created a table just for the directors, and then created a value list based on that table. I did that because I’m going to be entering several movies with the same director, such Woody Allen, Stanley Kubrick, etc., so I can just open the drop down menu and select their names. As of right now, it works as intended. But I also want to be able to add names to the list on the fly. In other words, I want to add a director’s name each time I add a new record, if the director's name is not yet in the list. This works, in the sense that the director’s name remains in the record after I type it in. But the director’s name is NOT added to the drop down menu. In other words, if I add the movie The Seventh Seal, and type in Ingmar Bergman into the Director’s drop down menu, his name is retained in the record. But if I then add the movie Persona, and try to get the name Ingmar Bergman from the drop down menu, the name does not appear. This is where I need a bit of help. How do I get the name Ingmar Bergman to be added permanently to the director's list? Am I going about this wrong? Should I be using a different procedure to create the director’s list? It does not seem practical to create a custom value list. I’m attaching a copy of my test database for this. Thank you, everyone. PT Filemaker - Edit List Test.fmp12
  5. I agree some are really hard to follow. I'm not really new to databases, but I'm by no means an expert with them. I've designed a few databases in Access (sorry, it's what I had at the time), so I understood some concepts. I really like FileMaker more than Access. I've already picked up a lot from reading documentation and watching videos--even the mediocre ones. It took me only a few minutes to learn how to create tabs and button bars, and it only took me a few seconds to see which function I'd be more comfortable with. That's just one example. Working with Value Lists, in my opinion, is far, far easier with FM than Access. Anyway, you know I'll be posting more questions in the future, so thank you again for your patience with me.
  6. Lee, I've been watching several FileMaker videos on You Tube. I just finished watching one on setting up button bars. Now, I've learned how to create tabs and button bars, and have decided tabs are more in tune with what I want to do. But thank you for the links. I think the tabs are going to be a big help.
  7. Lee (and everyone else reading), I just learned how to use the Tab control, and that's going to be a huge help for me. I have other data I want to work with, that I haven't put in my movie database yet. It will be similar to what's in there now, though. So, I created a test tab layout, with four sections: Movies, Duplicates, Foreign, Silent. You can probably figure out where I'm going with this. The Duplicates, Foreign, and Silent tabs will contain similar data: How many foreign movies, total number of movies minus Foreign. How many silent movies, total number of movies minus Silents. I'm also considering having a Percentage field for each section. For example, for Foreign: Total number of movies, Total number of Foreign films, Total number of movies excluding Foreign, Percentage of Foreign. Your revised version of my database will be a big help to me when creating these fields. Thanks so much. I do have a question about tabs, but it's minor. Which section of this forum would be the best place to talk about tabs? I may have to create a button bar, instead of tabs, if I want each tab a different color. I don't think you can change the color of them separately, can you? It's all one object. Maybe a button bar would allow that? Filemaker Database Test 4 with Tabs.fmp12
  8. Lee, Thanks for replying and for the tweaks. I had a feeling you'd come through for me. Instead of doing my work for me, I was hoping you'd just explain what I'd have to do, so I could learn what to do. But now that the fields are in front of me, I can see what's necessary to do. I do have a couple of questions. 1. I'm not sure I understand the difference between Get ( FoundCount ) and Get ( TotalRecordCount ). Can you elaborate on what the subtleties are between these two things? 2. The Dup Count calculation field was what I was looking for. That's an eye-opener for me. I am not sure I understand the difference between the Summary field and the Dup Count field. Can you elaborate on what these two fields are doing that are different? Attached is another copy of the db, representing the way I would like the the body and footer to look. Thanks again. Jd Filemaker Database Test 3 with Footers.fmp12
  9. Hello, everyone, here is what I want to do today. I’ve learned how to create a field that provides a running total of my movies/records. Thanks to everyone here for teaching me how to do that. I’ve also learned how to perform a find that omits duplicates of my movies/records. When I perform that find, the running total field displays the total number of my records, minus the omitted duplicates. When I select SHOW ALL, the absolute total number of records is displayed. Again, thank you, everyone, for that. What I want to do now might be considerably more complicated. Here is what I want to do: I want two completely separate fields in my footer. I want a field that shows the total running count of records, AND I want a separate field that shows the running count with the duplicates omitted. Is this possible? Can I somehow set up two fields so that one is NOT affected by a find, but the other is? And if it is possible, can I put them in the footer? If this is not possible, or not practical, then how about this...how about I create a button in the footer, that switches back and forth between displaying the total running count, and displaying the count minus the omitted duplicates? Will something like this require writing a script? I’m a little more comfortable working with scripts than I was. What steps do I need to work with to get this to happen? I’d prefer displaying two separate fields, but if a button is easier, I’ll use it. I’m attaching a copy of my database to this messages. The database, of course, is a work in progress and a rough draft. In your opinion, do you think what I want to do is worth the effort? Thanks again! PT Filemaker Database Test 2.fmp12
  10. Lee, Thank you again. Yes, I have worked out the serial number field. Now, regarding this Total Count field that I'm working on...here's what I've done so far. Up to now, it's been easy. First, I created a value list named "Duplicates," with just the number 1, then created a Number field named "Duplicate." I then created a check box, using the "Duplicates" value list. This entire procedure took roughly a minute. Then, I created a field named "Total", which represents the total number of movies in my database. I used the Get ( FoundCount ) function. It was surprisingly easy to figure out how to do this. Right now, I have not yet figured out how to deduct the duplicates from that "Total" field. You said, "Do a find for the Checkbox with the X and Omit them, this will give you your answer." I do know how to perform a find for the duplicates. But I have not yet figured out how to take that information and omit it from the Total field. Is it possible you can elaborate on this a bit further? Thank you. PT PS: Should any of these fields be a SUMMARY field? Should the "Total" field be set as Summary, instead of Calculation, which is what I used for the GET function you recommended?
  11. Hello, everyone, here’s my latest question. I hope this is the proper area to post it. I’m creating a flat-file movie database to keep track of where my movies are in my home. I added a serial number field, which gives me a running total of how many movies are in my collection. But I think I need something different, and am requesting help for creating it. I have several duplicate movies in my collection, and I don’t want the duplicates included in any total count of my movies. At least, not in my forms or reports. I don’t care if duplicates get serial numbers, and I don’t care if the count in the toolbar (i.e. 516 unsorted) counts them all. I understand that the serial numbers and toolbar count are for “records.” But I want a total count of my movies, excluding duplicates. What I’ve done is create a checkbox for duplicates. If the box is checked, then of course, the movie is a duplicate. Is it possible to create a field that has a running count of the movies in my collection, EXCLUDING the duplicates? If it is possible, what is the procedure from omitting them from any such subtotal, summary, or running total? Thank you! PT
  12. Lee, the database I'm working on is flat-file. It's a movie database, whose sole purpose is to track where my movies are in my house. The fields are Movie Title, DVD Color, DVD Number, Timestamp, Serial Number, and Main Genre. My movies are color-coded, and each one is numbered. (The DVD number is not the same as the Serial Number.) The purpose of the serial number is to keep track of how many movies are in the database. I know it's not really necessary, because FileMaker keeps track of how many records are in the database at the top of the screen, but I wanted to learn how to work with serial numbers. This exercise helped. Thank you.
  13. Lee, Yes. The screen shot you posted is what I am using, yes. Working on it....Done! It worked. Thank you!
  14. Hello, everyone. I’ve added a Serial Number field to my database, and set the auto-entry properties to On Creation. I’ve noticed that the serial number appears only in records I’ve created AFTER creating this field. Is it possible to have serial numbers for the records I created PRIOR to establishing the Serial Number field? If so, what is the procedure, please? Also, is it possible to reset the serial numbers so that they begin with the first record entered? Doing a "reset" is not critical for the purposes of my database; I’m just curious if that can be done. Thank you! PT
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