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  1. Thank you OlgerDiekstra. That is a good plan. I appreciate all the replies I have received. All have excellent info for me. Thank you!
  2. thank you Ocean West. I've also read all the articles for "backing up your data Overview" Knowledge Base article https://support.filemaker.com/s/answerview?language=en_US&anum=13793 and all the related links shown there. I now know just enough to be dangerous!
  3. thank you ggt667. I will take a look. but still hoping for documentation that I can point to as recommendations. thank you Wim Decorte. I am going to get those 2 questions answered as soon as possible. But let's guess, this is marketing, so the answer will be none and 0. what would be the best strategy? Full daily, incremental hourly or more frequently? to a local drive. then multiple times a day move the backups to the SAN?
  4. hello. I am extremely new to FMS. Is there a document anywhere that has best practices on server setup and Backup strategy in particular? Weekly full? daily? hourly; incremental backups? are there transactional backups? What are the issues, corruption issues? mistakes to avoid? We need this urgently. Believe that the server was not initially set up properly and now, of course, I have inherited the issue We are running FMS 14 any help would be appreciated,
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