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  1. Thanks, that's a great idea. I'll try it and post back if (when) I get stuck.
  2. I'm modifying an existing database. The records I'm working with are estimates. Each estimate has a estimate number in this format: 16-123. The client sometimes makes duplicate versions of existing estimates. They then have the format 16-123-2, 16-123-3, etc. There is a field (Version) that indicates what version you're looking at. If there are 5 versions of an estimate, the version field will display the number 1-5 as you flip through the records. The client wants the Version field to be a drop down that displays the number of versions the estimate has. They want to select a version from the drop down and have that record load. For example, if there are 5 versions of an estimate and you're looking at version 4, the drop down displays 4. If you click on the drop down you'll see 1-5. you pick 2 and version 2 is loaded. I've made a new table occurence and related it back using the Estimate number. A script searches by the first 6 digits (16-123) of the estimate number and lists the results in a layout based on the new TO.. I made a field for found count. I can't get the found count of the new TO list layout to display on the original layout or figure a way to have the script run in the background as the user browses through estimates. I'm wondering if a portal is the way to go? Thanks!
  3. I'm working on a database that included 5 tasks that will be checked and initialed by the worker that competes them. We want them to choose their initials from a drop down list. For each of the 5 tasks, there needs to be a drop down list with a list of initials to choose from. I want to keep the list of initials consistent without having to add/delete 5 times every time there is employee turnover. Is there a way to maintain one list of initials that is used independently by 5 value lists? Thanks!
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