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  1. thank you very much this is very helpful thank you
  2. hello every one there is a way to send SMS without any plugins , there is a teacher named (guy setvens) who have course on udemy to explain it , problem is its paid , i i cant afford it any one knows how to do it please i have bought 10000 SMS with api form sms provider but i dont know how to use it without plugins
  3. my question is is this the correct way to do it
  4. thank you bcooney sorry for my lake of knowledge i didn't that , or i think i got nothing in the email please see attached images
  5. thank you very much sir for replaying is this the correct way
  6. Hello every one i want to mention multiple filed in the email like agent name created by and date of creation to be sent to the manger now i can only send one field in the email
  7. thank you very mch sir for replaying i have the below mentioned options in the storage what do i choose
  8. Hello everyone , this is my 1st post in this helpful website thank you guys ive learned a lot iam working on recruiting software for my office its simple my issue now that i want to set simple days count down timer for example if my client requested his procedure finish in 60 days or 90 days i want to know left days in a list so i can give pioirty so i used the following GetAsNumber ( Contract_End_Date - Get ( CurrentDate ) ) which appears in the remaining days filed it worked fine for me the issue is it remains frozen , next day its the same value like yesterday sorry for my bad English ' please help me thank you
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