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  1. As a previous post explains i work for a charity and not used fm since 9 and only tinkered with. Im trying to do some databases to make our (volunteer) lives easier. This DB is for events we attend and setups and the volenteers we have, Im hoping if someone can help me fix this portal issue and a couple of smaller ones, I have attached the project (fm16) and also in the footer of each layout in pink ive written the issues im having. Thanks in Advance. events.fmp12
  2. Hi, yes i did and it kind of isnt what i needed. Ill explain more. I have users in the security>Accounts. they show in a selectable list on a "Create Task" layout page, this works.... im trying to do 2 things with this. 1st when the person goes to the task list layout i want them to only see tasks they have been assigned to. 2nd a popup field on the task list to show who is involved in that task. The actual task bit works fine its just getting the filter working and the user list on that task line. Im still learning the relationship thing too and portals.
  3. Hi, i made a post before which kind of made no sense i think but i cant delete. I have my db all setup and most functions working, im just struggling with some scripts to show lists and also a couple of portals. The last time i tinkered with filemaker was FM9 and OMG im lost. If someone would have a little time they could help me i would appreciate it and explain / give the file to look at. As i mentioned the charity i work for is old school paper and disorganization! and i remember playing with fm9 and how sort of simple it was to make something easy,. We are non profit so cant justify to the boss something that they dont know about and get funding. I look forward to your reply.
  4. Hi, kind of new to FM and working on a task thing. What i have is the users are in the fm user setup and displayed on a a uer management page, i also have a create task, on the create task i have a box showing the users and i tick the ones i want involved in that task. At the moment when you open the layout for task list it shows all the tasks, what i want is that the only tasks users can see is the ones their user is setup to be involved in. I really have no idea how to make this. Im looking for guidance :)
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