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  1. Can't seem to get the the Email plugin working with Amazon. Here's the script. Taken from your example. The connect with Amazon works. It fails at step 12. No idea what the error is from this message.The From is a verified AWS email account. Thanks, Kurt Bleicken kurt@blackbirdconnect.com
  2. KurtBleicken

    attach file code

    Tried to attach a file in your CloudMail app. When I clicked on the 'add attachment' button got the error message.
  3. KurtBleicken

    attach file code

    Anyone have code for attaching a file to a CloudMail email? I believe the file needs to be parked on AWS but I don't know how to set this up.
  4. KurtBleicken

    .png in Cloudmail email

    Is there any to point to an image in a container?
  5. KurtBleicken

    .png in Cloudmail email

    Can someone refer me to some code examples on how to include .png files in an email originating in Cloudmail.
  6. KurtBleicken

    AWS SES error code

    I've been testing the CloudMail plugin for a few months with successful results. Three days ago error codes appeared setting the variable that checks the Amazon credentials. All emails failed at the script step: set Variable [ $connect ; Value: CMSetAmazonredentials etc. Checked with Amazon support and the access codes are OK. Then this morning sending emails suddenly started working again. Any idea what's going on? Kurt

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