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  1. Hello Lewis, I would recommend you replicate the issue you are describing, noting the time you initiated the sync and also get the primary keys of any records that are having this issue. Then you should go to your MirrorSync launch page and click the link to Send problem report and log files link. You can include any identifying information in the support request. Hope this helps. Joshua Rivers
  2. Hello, I have submitted this issue to the developers and we will look into it. However, I cannot provide an ETA. Please check back with us. Thank you! Joshua 360Works
  3. The 959 error is coming from FileMaker when MirrorSync makes a request to FileMaker Server via XML. When FileMaker responds with 959, that means the Custom Web Publishing technology has been disabled. On FileMaker Server 16, you still have the ability to redeploy the FileMaker Server. FMS < 16 we recommend redeploying before totally uninstalling everything. FMS 17 if CWP is unresponsive then one of your only choices is to uninstall > reinstall. The only reason why you need to reinstall MirrorSync is to put the port re-write in place from port 42424 to port 80. You shouldn't have to uninstall though. You can just run the installer again. Hope this helps! Joshua 360Works
  4. Hello Serge, So I would like to correct my original statement. While the work-around I suggested would work, it is actually unnecessary. I was asked to test your scenario by the creator of MirrorSync, Jesse, and it will work. Calculation fields are labeled by MirrorSync as not modifiable, so in a bi-directional sync calculation fields are ignored. However, in a one-way sync from FM Server to MySQL the calculation field will be readable and therefore the data in it will be synced to MySQL. There are a couple things that you will need to keep in mind. You need to select Table and field names are different and already have the MySQL database setup. That way you will get the mapping configuration dialog that will enable you to map the Tables and fields to each other. The SQL generation script will not work here because calculation fields are not included in the generation. You will need to make sure that the modification timestamp field will update in order for the sync to correctly pick up those records that have been modified. MirrorSync looks for modifications since the last successful sync, if your modification timestamp fields aren't properly updated then those records will never be included in the sync because they fall before the last successful sync time. I apologize for the initial confusion but am glad to report that your scenario will work if setup correctly. If this is a proof of concept and something you would like to test, please send an email to support@360works.com to request a trial license for MirrorSync with a FM Server to MySQL configuration. Thank you! Joshua 360Works
  5. Hello Serge, So MirrorSync does not sync unstored calculation fields, because like you said there is not any stored data and their value is dependent on FileMaker context. The only way I can see in getting that data to sync is by creating a new field and specify the unstored calculation field as it's data. Uncheck the Do not replace existing value of field (if any) box and then place that new field on the syncing layout. You can also put the unstored calculation field on the syncing layout. Even though that field is ignored by MirrorSync, as long as you have it setup correctly, that calc field should update the new text field during the sync. Joshua 360Works
  6. Hey Jonathan, So the file you sent me reproduces the issue. I ran some more tests stripping both documents to it's most basic, text in one and a picture in the other. After appending the picture to the other document the picture is lost in that too...which is not expected behavior. I will bring this to the developers attention. Right now I don't have an ETA on getting this resolved. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Feel free to check back with us through support@360works.com. Thank you! Joshua 360Works Support
  7. Hey Jonathan, I tried to reproduce this issue using a few different pngs with no success. My test was rather simple though so I have some questions for you. What version of Scribe/Word are you using? Are you doing any error capturing to make sure the result between each step is what you expect? If the workflow is good and no errors can you reproduce the issue and send the logs? It would also be great if you could put together a small sample file with the template/images you are using that you are having an issue with. You can find where to get the logs from http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Plugin_log_files. You can send everything to support@360works.com. With the correct workflow and logic this can be done by using ScribeDocAppend. The data being appended to the document currently loaded can be an image, text or even another document. You'll really just need to keep track of the document that is currently loaded during this workflow and manipulate it accordingly. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you! Joshua 360Works Support
  8. So it looks like the FTPeek_Rename function requires that the "to" file path be the same as the "from" file path, so it won't have the ability to create directories on the fly. We do currently have a feature request for the same type of functionality, so we are currently looking into adding that. Please feel free to check back on occasion for that functionality but I will also keep you updated when we are able to determine if that is a possibility. Thank you! Joshua
  9. Hello Reliant, So without seeing the logs I cannot say for certain one way or the other what may be happening, however, I usually only see this when there is corrupt sync data. Can you please go to your MirrorSync launch page and click the Send problem report and log files link. Fill out the form and that will send us the logs. I will be able to see better what is going on and provide assistance through our support channel. Thank you! Joshua
  10. Hey Kim, I have replied to your open ticket in our support system. Please follow up there. Thank you! Regards, Joshua 360Works Support
  11. Hello Kim, If your sync is setup for Bi-Directional and at any point after syncing all the syncing data from the spoke server is missing (by being replaced by an empty clone) then yes..MirrorSync will look at this as that data was deleted from the spoke and should delete from the Hub. I would recommend using 360Deploy 2. This will allow you to make development changes to the spoke server and then deploy those changes to the server, then it imports all the data within those files into the newly deployed solution(s) resulting in updating the spoke server with the development changes but keeping all the production data. If you go this route I would recommend you stop syncing during this process and re-enable any auto syncs after deploying. This is expected behavior. Basically what is happening is by unchecking the syncing checkbox that record, and if setup correctly related data will then not be included in the found set during the sync...which results in the spoke not being able to "see" that data anymore and therefore deletes from the spoke. I will need to do some testing on the second part with unchecking the box on the spoke side before giving you a definite answer. If you send us the logs from a day where you noticed this behavior we can get a better sense of what may be going on. You can do this by going to your MirrorSync launch page and clicking the Send problem report and log files link. Filling out the form and then sending it our way. In the meantime we typically see this when fields don't pass field validation, have correct privileges, field cannot be modified etc. Those are some things you can check pretty easily. Let us know if you have any other questions and I'll get back to you on the customizations. Thank you! Joshua Rivers 360Works Support
  12. Hey Carsten, So I just spoke with the developer and this will not be addressed. He recommends you change the field names and remove the "_" from the field names. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you! Joshua Rivers 360Works Support
  13. Hello Carsten, I was able to reproduce this and it is not the expected result. I have created a 360Works internal issue about this and we are currently working on it. I will keep you updated. Thank you for pointing this out! Joshua 360Works
  14. Hola, No hablo español, así que estoy usando el Traductor de Google para responder tu pregunta. Siempre que haya pagado por la configuración apropiada, sí, puede tener dos botones que corresponden a dos configuraciones de sincronización diferentes. Nuestra licencia viene con una configuración de FileMaker Server a FileMaker Pro / Go, por lo que solo necesita comprar una configuración adicional de FileMaker Server a FileMaker Pro / Go para lograr este flujo de trabajo. Ten en cuenta que deberías separar cada sincronización para mantener las mismas relaciones entre padres e hijos dentro de la misma sincronización. Lo que significa que no puede tener una tabla principal en una sincronización con una sincronización secundaria correspondiente en la otra. La relación se perdería entre los dos. Háganos saber si tiene alguna otra pregunta. Gracias. Hello, I do not speak Spanish, so I am using Google Translate to answer your question. As long as you have paid for the appropriate configuration, yes, you can have two buttons which correspond to two different synchronization configurations. Our license comes with one FileMaker Server to FileMaker Pro/Go configuration so you would just need to purchase an additional FileMaker Server to FileMaker Pro/Go configuration to achieve this workflow. Please keep in mind that you would need to separate each sync to hold the same Parent/Child relationships within the same sync. Meaning you cannot have a parent table on one sync with a corresponding child sync on the other. The relationship would be lost between the two. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you.
  15. Hello, Can you please submit a support ticket to support@360works.com regarding this issue. Thank you!
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