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  1. Joshua Rivers

    Dos Sincronizaciones diferentes

    Hola, No hablo español, así que estoy usando el Traductor de Google para responder tu pregunta. Siempre que haya pagado por la configuración apropiada, sí, puede tener dos botones que corresponden a dos configuraciones de sincronización diferentes. Nuestra licencia viene con una configuración de FileMaker Server a FileMaker Pro / Go, por lo que solo necesita comprar una configuración adicional de FileMaker Server a FileMaker Pro / Go para lograr este flujo de trabajo. Ten en cuenta que deberías separar cada sincronización para mantener las mismas relaciones entre padres e hijos dentro de la misma sincronización. Lo que significa que no puede tener una tabla principal en una sincronización con una sincronización secundaria correspondiente en la otra. La relación se perdería entre los dos. Háganos saber si tiene alguna otra pregunta. Gracias. Hello, I do not speak Spanish, so I am using Google Translate to answer your question. As long as you have paid for the appropriate configuration, yes, you can have two buttons which correspond to two different synchronization configurations. Our license comes with one FileMaker Server to FileMaker Pro/Go configuration so you would just need to purchase an additional FileMaker Server to FileMaker Pro/Go configuration to achieve this workflow. Please keep in mind that you would need to separate each sync to hold the same Parent/Child relationships within the same sync. Meaning you cannot have a parent table on one sync with a corresponding child sync on the other. The relationship would be lost between the two. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you.
  2. Joshua Rivers

    CloudMail results not always showing

    Hello, Can you please submit a support ticket to support@360works.com regarding this issue. Thank you!
  3. Joshua Rivers

    Partial sync

    Ok, so that is pretty easy to do. All you would need is another configuration for FM Server to FM Pro/GO. Setup this new configuration to only sync the tables/layouts needed for this workflow you described. Once the configuration is setup and the new script steps are copied over, you can trigger the sync to occur to a specific button or action that syncs this small data set up to the hosted solution and then gets the serial number written back to the user. Please let me know if that answers your question. Thank you!
  4. Joshua Rivers

    Partial sync

    So your device allocations are for the license, not the individual configurations. If you have 5 people that need to sync, regardless of the configuration they are wanting to sync then you only need 5 devices allocated. As far as your other questions it might be easier to see what use case are you trying to achieve and I can help explain how to get there.
  5. Joshua Rivers

    Partial sync

    Hello, So in order to achieve this you would need to add a new configuration. You can either use the layouts from your already setup syncing configuration or you can create new ones. Pick only the subset of tables you want to sync in this new configuration. Once you are through the configuration process you will have a new set of scripts to paste in for this configuration. You can then set whatever workflow you want to use the new sync configuration to an action or a specific button. Redistribute the offline files and begin syncing this newly setup configuration. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you! Joshua

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