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  1. Christopher Grant

    Group Updates

    Wow, That has sent me into a totally new direction... I am going to try to build a system using this to see if it works out... Thanks so much!!!
  2. Christopher Grant

    Group Updates

    Good Morning, I have been tasked with creating a school database for our academy to use to track the students that come here to live. So after doing as much research, reading, and etc. I have came to an issue that I just don't know which way to proceed. I've read about global fields and using loops and etc that seem to do what I am trying to do but with no luck.. Im turning to the community for feedback... So basically I am seeking what way would be best do the the following: Database is based on People - I have it selection for People Type and based on that selection "Applicant - Cadet - Parent - Mentor - Staff" will take you to a layout based on your selection that has its own table based on type with required fields for that type. Cadet Type has the most since each department has a table that is connected to the primary id on the cadet type table. So what I want to be able to do is If a user creates a cadet, and assuming that the parents are already into the system or I create a add parent info popup, they can hit a button that will allow them to scroll through all parent types and be able to assign them to that cadet (up to 2-3 different people) and the same with the mentors. Those people may be on more than one cadet since we get twins and siblings at our school. Also, Cadet are assigned a Platoon and Class Group within the cadet table, when we need to do classes and or events that are based on the entire class, platoon and or class group, how would I create it so that we have an interface that the staff could us to provide a group update to a group of cadets instead of going to each record and input the information manually? Just to throw in a last bit of info is that for example we had a class that was for 1st platoon, but two cadets from 1st Platoon was out. How would we be able to add all cadets in 1st platoon on a portal and then remove the two that did not attend? I am currently using FileMaker Pro Advanced Thanks so much Chris Grant

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