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  1. We have a customer who uses Scribe. FM 15. Plugin version 3.08 They have a file that is saved in a container and it is working fine. They export the excel file from the container, open it in Excel and make changes and then save it again. They upload that file to the container and Scribe goes through the process as if it is writing the data to the file but when you open the file after it is saved to the desktop, the file is empty. But if you perform a CTRL ALT F9 in Excel the data shows up. Has anyone else seen this issue? Thanks, Mike Ahern
  2. I am in the process of connecting an existing FileMaker database to a SQL server that is behind a web interface. I wanted to know if there is a way to send a command from the web interface to kick off a sync. For example, a user opens a record on the web, makes some changes, hits a save button. How do I get that "Save" to trigger a sync? And can I get it to sync that single record or do I need it to sync all records that have changed? Thanks in advance, Mike
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