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  1. Thanks... I suspected it wasn't going to be easy. I'm working now to change how the report is populated, but may end up needing to use some type of temporary tables/records to do the linking and produce the report. Cheers! Matt
  2. I'm attempting to re-create some existing "paper" business forms in FileMaker, and have run into a bit of a challenge on how to set the forms up. I have attached a mock-up of a similar type of form, and how I'm envisioning the database structure and data-entry layout looking. Here's where I'm stuck-- If there are more than 2 involved people or more than 2 witnesses, additional pages are required. In this example, there is 1 injured person and 3 witnesses, therefore 2 pages are required. On the first page is the 1 injured person, the details, incident codes, and my first 2 witnesses. On the second page is witness 3 - involved person, details and codes are left blank. Because of the nature of the form, there could be incidents with multiple "involved people" and no witnesses, or 1 involved person and a bunch of witnesses. Any suggestions? Corporate - H&S - Incident Form - Mockup.pdf
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