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  1. Hey there! Yes, this is definitely possible. I use a utility called CommandCam (https://batchloaf.wordpress.com/commandcam/) to capture an image from a connected webcam. I have used it with a few different webcams, external USB and built-in to laptop without any issues. The documentation is great, and you should be able to get things up and going fairly easily. I use it in combination with ImageMagick, so that I can take a photo, process it (crop and resize), then import to FM. The process isn't perfect, but here's what I found works: In the FM capture script: -Call a batch script (.bat file) using the Send Event script step. -The batch file goes to the directory where the CommandCam utility is stored, runs it with the specific switches (e.g. silent, and the desired filepath). I do my ImageMagick processing and output the file. I use 'timeout' in the batch file for 10 seconds, then delete my temporary photo files, and exit the batch file -After the Send Event script step, pause the FM script for 5 seconds, to allow the batch file to run -Resume the FM script -Insert image (store in your container) - I build in logic for error checking (e.g. if photo doesn't exist) By the time your FM script has finished, the 10 second timeout in the batch file has completed, and the batch file exits. Hopefully this makes sense... I'm on mobile, but can upload some screenshots/demo files if you'd like.
  2. Hey there, Every page I visit, I get a pop-up that I need to update my profile, that membership information is missing. I'm not a FM partner, so none of the options are applicable. Since no option is chosen, I keep getting message. I haven't checked if it's the same on desktop, but I'm using Chrome on Android. Edit: I've chosen FileMaker TechNet for now, so I can browse without the pop-up.
  3. Hey there, This is a bit of a crude solution that was provided to me from a friend, but it might be able to be adapted for what you're trying to do. It requires the (free) Base Elements plugin, and is currently used on a Windows file - I imagine you could alter it accordingly to work on Mac. The script gets a list of the files in the Import directory If there are no files, the script exits If there are any files, it loops through each file It attempts to import the file using the specified XSLT file If successful: It moves/renames the file to the completed directory (renames file to: (Original Filename).xml.(date & time) -- e.g. PO-262439.xml.20210511_134926 If an error is encountered: It moves/renames the file to the failed directory (with the same date/time format as above) The loop continues until all of the files in the directory have been processed I haven't checked, but I believe you could set this up to PSOS, or do a scheduled script to run on a regular basis (e.g. every 5 or 10 minutes). XML Import Sample.fmp12
  4. I'm trying to figure out the best way to structure my data, so that I could "merge" duplicate parent records and combine all of the child records. For example: "ABC Enterprises" has a number of child records and linked records (contact names, work orders, asset records, etc.) - meanwhile there are second and third records "ABC Enterprises Ltd." and "ABC Enterprise" that has similar child and linked records. I've attached a file with some sample records. This example is overly simple to illustrate what I'm trying to do. In real-world, each company would have many other pieces of information (address & contact info, warranty documents, etc.) across a number of different tables. I'm guessing the process would look something like delegating a "master" company record. If it's feasible, I would like to use the same process to combine other records, such as duplicate phone numbers, contacts, etc. I found a few articles online, this process is used sometimes for medical records and is apparently referred to as a "Master Patient Record" or "Master Name Index" from what I can see. What is the best way to accomplish this? Thank you! ABC sample.fmp12
  5. Thanks @comment for the demo. I hadn't thought of using portal filtering like that!
  6. I have two tables, Student and StudentPhoto, that are connected via an ID field. The portal on the student layout shows the container field (with the photo), and the photo date feidl, from the related records in StudentPhoto. I've attached an example file below showing what I've done... Thanks! Students.fmp12
  7. I'm hoping someone might be able to help, or at least point me in the right direction. I'm creating a portal that displays a student photo, but would like the ability to navigate forward/backward through the photographs in the portal without the vertical scroll bar. My < and > buttons currently point to a Go to Portal Row - Previous/Next script step. It works great when "Allow vertical scrolling" is turned on, but does not work with it turned off. It does work with Allow vertical scrolling turned on and show scroll bar set to "When scrolling", however, the scroll bar appears on mouse-over. Any suggestions on how I might be able to achieve this? Many thanks! Matt
  8. Thanks... I suspected it wasn't going to be easy. I'm working now to change how the report is populated, but may end up needing to use some type of temporary tables/records to do the linking and produce the report. Cheers! Matt
  9. I'm attempting to re-create some existing "paper" business forms in FileMaker, and have run into a bit of a challenge on how to set the forms up. I have attached a mock-up of a similar type of form, and how I'm envisioning the database structure and data-entry layout looking. Here's where I'm stuck-- If there are more than 2 involved people or more than 2 witnesses, additional pages are required. In this example, there is 1 injured person and 3 witnesses, therefore 2 pages are required. On the first page is the 1 injured person, the details, incident codes, and my first 2 witnesses. On the second page is witness 3 - involved person, details and codes are left blank. Because of the nature of the form, there could be incidents with multiple "involved people" and no witnesses, or 1 involved person and a bunch of witnesses. Any suggestions? Corporate - H&S - Incident Form - Mockup.pdf
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