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  1. It doesn't work. I have tried to change the normal.dotm file also but with no luck. What is strange is that after the export the "normal" style of my template is always modified by scribe. Maybe it has something to do with it...
  2. I found a turnaround using the GetThumbnail internal function to reduce the image to the correct size before using ScribeDocSubstitute ScribeDocSubstitute( "*Image*" ; GetThumbnail ( Image ; 200 ; 200 )) Hope it helps.
  3. Dear Support, I have the same problem, The format is maintained when using ScribeDocSubstitute in all the document but within the tables with ScribeDocWriteValue the format is changed. I have a table in a word document with font "Helvetica" and size "9" and the inserted text from Scribe is becoming "Tahoma" and size "14". Any idea. Thanks Cédric
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