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  1. Hello, You would need to make use of the MimeMessage class's setHeader() function. You can set the e-mail as plain text with call msg.setheader("Content-Type", "text/plain") https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12511744/custom-mail-headers-using-mime-in-java You may also need to specify "text/plain" as the second parameter in your [body object].setBody() call. The proper key to set an Unsubscribe List is "List-Unsubscribe". At the link below, someone applies it, and also includes a loop the prints all the headers to the console. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/21959235/javamail-api-listing-header-doesnt-work You can probably set a list of headers to a return variable to test out your function call, something like: String headersList; Enumeration headers = msg.getAllHeaders(); while (headers.hasMoreElements()) { Header header = (Header) headers.nextElement(); headersList += "\n" + header.getName() + ": " + header.getValue()); } return headersList;
  2. Hello, Thank you, OlgereDiekstra, for sharing that insight about the userspace. ScriptMaster includes a function, RunShellScript, that could allow you to connect to the remote Share through the script if the userspace context/authentication is the issue. However, to diagnose the reason ListAllFilesInDirectory is not working, could you please reproduce the issue, then locate the log file generated by our plugin, and attach that to this thread? You can reference our docs at the link below to locate the log file. http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Plugin_log_files
  3. Hello, Yes, developer-managed keys should perform better because it is not having to reference a SyncJoin to verify record-matching across the sync---it will only make changes based on the actual primary key values of the records. However, this performance difference may be negligible as compared to other factors like database size, network speed, server specs, etc. The only other reasons developer-managed keys(assuming you're using UUIDs) are that UUIDs are less prone to duplications, and also, should you run into any sync data issues, the option to use our built-in Repair sync data feature is available only if the sync configuration employs developer-managed keys. Having multiple sync configurations in your solution will not take away from the reliability of MirrorSync-managed v developer-managed keys beyond the reasons mentioned above. If you need to reset your sync data for any reason, all of the sync configurations associated with the same file located at the same address will be affected. MirrorSync already keeps an internal db associating matching records across the sync. If you do not configure the settings in your database to ensure record key uniqueness across multiple instances of the database(e.g. employing UUIDs), then you should select MirrorSync-managed keys in your sync configuration.
  4. Hello, I apologize, but custom code falls out of the scope of our free support. However, we have developers who are able to provide consultation work for you. If you'd like to hire one of our developers to generate custom code, I can put you in touch with our Project Coordinator. Send us an e-mail at support@360works.com or call us at 770-234-9293 making that request. You and the Project Coordinator will discuss the details of the work and determine an estimate for how much it will cost. We usually charge $185/hr for consultation work. If you share your code, either we or someone else on the forum can point you in the right direction. Someone may even provide the code you need. Stackoverflow.com is a good resource, too. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4365850/list-unsubscribe-in-e-mail-header-how-to This may not be the solution, but I recently helped a customer with a similar issue---their e-mails were going to recipients' Spam folder---and we found that the issue was that they were trying to send an e-mail using a different domain from that of the email server. The e-mail server needed a SPF record that communicated to recipients' servers that it was authorized to send e-mails for that domain(http://bananatag.com/hub/spf-records-and-why-theyre-important/). That could be something to look into if you're using a different domain from your SMTP server. If you're experiencing an issue with ScriptMaster itself, then that would be something we can help you with at no charge. Please produce the issue, then look for the log file capturing the behavior. You can reference our docs at the link below to help you locate the log file. http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Plugin_log_files
  5. Hello, With MirrorSync 5, on the initial sync, the user is prompted a password input for the sync credentials(the creds used to log into the hub file to conduct the sync). MirrorSync will store this password in a HSQL table and provides the syncing database with a UUID associated with the password entry. On subsequent syncs, MirrorSync will reference this UUID to select the password for logging into the hub. This is strictly for convenience to reduce the number of times a user is prompted password input to only when they log into their database, and for the initial sync. This feature will not help users who forgot their password and are unable to log into their database instance.
  6. Hello, Could you send me the log file capturing ScriptMaster's activity? You can locate it on the server at C:\Program Files\FilesMaker\FIleMaker Server\Logs\360Plugin Logs. Look for a file called '360Works_ScriptMaster_Server.log'. Attach it to this thread and I'll review it to see if ScriptMaster is experiencing any errors. Also, I'd like to try to reproduce this issue. Could you provide the steps or a screenshot of your scripts that you're running via cron? If you're evaluating any custom functions not already provided in ScriptMaster, could you provide that Groovy in a .txt file attachment as well?
  7. Hi, The error report would certainly provide more detail. It will provide the error that is thrown as well as what MirrorSync was trying to do when the error occurred. Are you saying you have multiple solutions that you'd like to sync with one solution? If so, MirrorSync can certainly accommodate that. You can set up multiple sync configurations on the same file to cater to different syncing requirements. Regarding the dynamic nature of your FM apps, any schema changes that affect how data syncs would need to be reflected in the MirrorSync configuration and MirrorSync script as well, so I can see applying regular schema changes becoming cumbersome. That's not to say configuring MirrorSync is itself taxing. The MirrorSync config client makes it easy to set up a configuration once a database is sync ready---by 'sync ready' I mean appropriate layouts are set up in the database file with the appropriate fields. However, it would be an added step that would need to be done each time a change is deployed to your files' syncing tables. Of course, I don't know what your entire process looks like, so please feel free to test out MirrorSync to evaluate for yourself if you want to incorporate it into your work flow. You can set up a FileMaker Server to FileMaker Pro/Go configuration for 1 syncing device at no charge. A sync configuration between two databases hosted on different FMS instances is similar to a FMS-to-FMPro/Go configuration. For a FM-to-SQL configuration, I would say that MirrorSync IS the best choice for that process, but I may be biased.😉 We also provide trial licenses for users wanting to test a FMS-to-Server(FMS or SQL), so let me know if you'd like to get one. I recommend setting up a FMS-to-FMPro/Go config first as you can work at your own pace while learning how to set up a MirrorSync config---a trial license usually lasts for 2 weeks. If you run into any issues or have questions, certainly contact our support line at support@360works.com or call us at 770-234-9293.
  8. Hello, During the process of setting up a MirrorSync configuration, MirrorSync generates a FileMaker script that gets pasted into the syncing solution. In this script are all of the fields you specify to include in the sync. If changes are made to the structure of the database of which MirrorSync is not aware, it could result in an error. If a field is added to a sync layout---the layout specified in the configuration as the interface by which MirrorSync syncs data---changes to that field will be ignored. However, any changes to that field would trigger the modification timestamp to change, so MirrorSync will pick up on this discrepancy between the hub and spoke mod timestamps---the driving factor for processing changes---not find any field value changes, and may perform a slow deletion scan or run in recovery mode, which will slow down the sync process. If a field is added or the name changed, FileMaker will probably throw a "missing field" error because the Set Field script step in the MirrorSync script will try to write to a missing field. This will cause the sync to abort, or for changes to not sync properly. MirrorSync logs all sync activity, especially errors. Major errors like a sync failure can be reported to an e-mail specified in the sync configuration if you select this option. Any changes in the database configuration that affect the sync or cause it to fail will just register as a errors with MirrorSync. MirrorSync does not do a separate evaluation of the databases on both sides of a sync to ensure the schemas match up perfectly. This is assumed. How often are you wanting to back up your information? Are you wanting to perform a minute-by-minute back up to maintain data integrity? This is the scenario I imagine where using MirrorSync to back up your data would be advantageous. Otherwise, if you just want something like an hourly backup, if you're looking for a 3rd party app to back up your databases, we offer SafetyNet(https://360works.com/filemaker-offsite-backup/) which backs up FMS hosted solutions to Amazon S3. On the topic of schema changes, we also have a product, 360Deploy(https://360works.com/filemaker-deploy-versions/), that makes deploying new FileMaker database versions to your prod server very easy. I hope that answers your questions. Let me know if you have more!
  9. Hello, We don't currently have a function or demo script that imports batches of information from FileMaker to a .xlsx. You would have to call ScribeDocLoad on the Excel file you want to manipulate(like a template file), loop through ScribeDocWriteValue calls to write values to specific cells in the Excel file, and then call ScribeDocSaveFile or ScribeDocSaveContainer to save the edited file. You can also use ScribeDocSubstitute to replace placeholder values if they already exist in your template file. If ever you'd like to hire a developer to expedite your process, we offer consultation services as well. I can put you in touch with our Project Coordinator to set that up, and we usually charge $185/hr. Let me know if you're interested in pursuing consultation work, otherwise I would use the approach outlined above, and reference our docs at https://static.360works.com/plugins/Scribe/documentation.html. If you run into any issues or have questions in your development, please contact us at our support line(support@360works.com; 770-234-9293).
  10. Hello, Sorry for the delay in response. Right now, Scribe is not capable of that functionality. It can only read a list of Sheets in an Excel file to FileMaker(ScribeDocListFields), and read/write values from/to target cells (identified as "[Sheet name]![Cell coordinate]") already present in an Excel file(ScribeDocReadValue, ScribeDocWriteValue). Here is a link to the functions currently available with Scribe.(https://static.360works.com/plugins/Scribe/documentation.html) I can submit a request to our developers to add such features to a future release of Scribe. I don't have a timeframe when that can be completed. If you'd like us to generate for you a custom plugin build, I can put you in touch with our Project Coordinator. They will set you up with one of our developers to create that plugin as consulting work, for which we typically charge $185/hr, and provide an estimate on how long it take the developer to fulfill the work you request. If you'd like to inquire about consulting work or if you have any other questions, please email us directly at support@360works.com or call us at 770-234-9293.
  11. Hello, Sorry for the delay in reply. You can download the Scribe plugin from our store and demo it at no charge. Just go to https://360works.com/filemaker-pdf-plugin/ , click Download the current version, and you'll get a zip that includes plugins for Mac, Win, and FMC, some documentation, and a demo solution to try out the product called "How to use Scribe.fmp12". In it is an interface to test various functions, and you can access the scripts in the script workspace to reference how they work. We also have documentation at https://static.360works.com/plugins/Scribe/documentation.html to give you more detail on each function available with Scribe. If you have any more questions or run into issues, let us know on this forum, or e-mail us directly at support@360works.com.
  12. Hi Mike, I apologize for not clarifying. I consulted with the Plastic developer, and he recommends you just reference the return value of CCProcessPayment/CCProfileProcessPayment to achieve the TransactionID. If you get a 0 or an empty result, then it's likely the transaction was declined and the gateway does not assign a TransactionID to failed transactions. There is a table you can reference in our docs at the link below to get more detail from the transaction response, specific for CCLastAVS: http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Authorize.Net#Getting_Response_Information_and_Using_Helper_Functions You can also check the raw response number against Authorize.net's key to get more details on the transaction. https://support.authorize.net/s/article/What-Is-the-Decline-Reason-Code-for-a-Transaction For the first declined transaction and the second transaction that returned a 0 for the TransactionID, referencing AVS code P says "Postal code matches, but street address not verified."
  13. Hi Mike, The response to your CCProfileProcessPayment call should return the TransactionID, assuming the payment went through.(http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Authorize.Net#To_check_if_a_transaction_succeeded) Are you not finding this to be the case? If is returning the TransactionID properly, you can probably just set that value to a variable, and use that to set the value for your TransactionID prop in your JSON.
  14. Hello, Sorry for the delay in reply. I was able to reproduce your error with MirrorSync 5.0 on Mojave running Java 8u211. When we encounter UnmarshalExceptions, the solution is usually to clear the Java cache. You can do this by going to System Preferences, opening the Java control panel, clicking the Settings... button under Temporary Internet Files, clicking the Delete Files... button, select "Trace and Log Files" and "Cached Applications and Applets", then click OK to delete those files. I then downloaded a new Config Client for good measure, and I was able to step through to the page where you input your FMS creds for the dbDownload update option. Once I stepped through this page, I got an error saying my database was damaged and to run a recover on it. The database was actually fine. The issue was with the web publishing engine. I restarted that and was able to complete my configuration, so make sure to run 'fmsadmin restart wpe -y' in terminal on the machine where FMS is installed. Try those steps and let me know how that works for you.
  15. Hello, I responded to your ticket submission(HD-77218) and requested that you submit a new log file as that one was from Saturday, and you may be experiencing different errors since that submission. Server-side initial syncs pause the hosted db to generate a copy/backup to sync before uploading to the client device. If the database has externally-stored container fields, MirrorSync will copy those and compress those files along with the database into a zip. If you want to sync on an iPad, we recommend you create a self-contained copy---which will embed the container info in the database---and have your users download that to their device.(http://docs.360works.com/index.php/MirrorSync_5_advanced_topics#Does_MirrorSync_sync_external_container_fields.3F) This is because iPads/FMGo cannot store container data externally. This being the case, running a server-side initial sync should fail if executed from an iPad if your database contains externally-stored containers. MirrorSync does not know what type of device to which it is sending the offline file, and assumes it can send a zip file, which iPads cannot process without some 3rd party software. The error you're reporting is usually associated with problems with the sync data, possibly corruption. Did you create the configuration in MirrorSync 5, or was it created from an older MirrorSync version? If the latter, you'll need to step through the configuration to make sure all the required settings are implemented. This may be a good thing to do anyway. If the sync data has corruption, you'll need to run a sync data repair or reset. If your configuration is using Developer-managed keys, then you may be able to run a sync repair. To do this, open the config client, right-click on the sync configuration, then select Repair Sync Data in the context menu. If that doesn't work, you'll need to reset the sync data(another option in the same context menu as Repair Sync Data) and redistribute offline copies to your users. If your sync configuration is set for MirrorSync-managed keys, you'll have to reset the sync data and redistribute offline copies.
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