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  1. Is your iPhone updated to iOS 12? Like Mojave, iOS 12 requires CalDAV accounts to connect over SSL, and port 443 is the default SSL(https://) port. If the port is left empty, then the connection is made over port 80, which is the default port for http:// connections.
  2. Hello, I apologize for the delay in replying. I took a look at the logs and the only error I see is an Illegal Surrogate Pair error for an event with summary that starts "Wingard\, Kimberly 'Kim'\n Telephone Contact\n[...]". Could you try excluding this event from the calendar, or maybe even deleting it, then try syncing. If that calendar still fails to sync, let's set up a screen share. I am available 11a-6p Eastern, Monday through Friday.
  3. Hello, The first thing to try is to republish your calendars, then delete and add the CalDAV account on your MAC. Instead of adding the account through iCal, add it through System Preferences->Internet Accounts. There may be a conflict with any Internet Accounts you already have set up, based on this thread I found about removing and re-adding a yahoo account to resolve that error.(http://capitalmacservice.com/are-you-seeing-the-caldavaccountrefreshqueueableoperation-server-error-in-ical/) If the issue persists, please send us a log file. If you have access to your Zulu server, it will be called "Zulu.[date].log", where date is the day you produced the error in format YYYY-MM-DD, and it should be located in the following directory: Mac: /Library/360Works/Applications/Logs Win: \Program Files\360Works\Applications\Logs Also, if you reproduce the error, right after you could go to the Zulu launch page([server address]/zulu), click Email Log File, fill out the form and submit it. Likely we will ask you to upgrade to Zulu 3, because if we find that it is a bug, we will only support fixes for the current major release. It may be worthwhile to go ahead and download the current version of Zulu from our store, and install it to see if it resolves your issue. The new version of Zulu writes/reads its sync data in a different directory, so you will need to add your configurations again after installation. Let me know if you have any questions. If you send us a log file, we'll respond through the ticket generated by the log submission.
  4. Hello, If you are using FileMaker 17, please download the latest developer build of ScriptMaster from the link below. http://sc.360works.com/SuperContainer/RawData/pro/360/plugins/scriptmaster/latest I was not able to reproduce the crash behavior you're seeing with this build. After calling SMSetErrorCapture(true), I did not receive anymore error dialogs for the remainder of my session, and I produced an error 10+ times in a row. I tested in FileMaker Pro Advanced on Mac High Sierra 10.13.5, using jre 9.0.1. If you're still having issues, try reinstalling the jre. Instructions on how to do that are at the following link. http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Common_issues#Plugins_released_on_or_after_May_2017_fail_to_load If you still continue to have issues, please produce the behavior, locate the log files before closing/reopening FileMaker(http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Plugin_log_files), and email them to support@360works with details on what you were doing to produce the error.
  5. Hello, Could you please reproduce the issue and e-mail the log file to support@360works.com? I'll need to see the full context of the error to discern exactly why it is failing, although, the stack trace indicates some sort of authentication or security issue. You can reference our documentation on how to locate the log file at the following link. http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Plugin_log_files
  6. Hello, I would need the log files capturing that error to discern what is going on, but it's possible that error is indicating a fault with the plugin recognizing the parameter 'url' that gets passed into the getURLasContainer call. There might be an issue with the SMSetVariable call. I tested the url you provided in the both Get URL as Container modules in the ScriptMaster_16+ solution that comes with the plugin download (ScriptMaster v5.1099) in the following scenarios: -Windows Server 2012FM ProAdv 17, 64-bit; -Windows 10 Pro, FM ProAdv 17, 32-bit; -Windows Server 2008 (similar to Windows 7), FM ProAdv 17, 64-bit I was unable to reproduce the error. Could you please download this latest build of ScriptMaster from the link below and let me know if that resolves your issue? http://sc.360works.com/SuperContainer/RawData/pro/360/plugins/scriptmaster/latest Test it in our demo solution by going to the module, plugging the url into the field InputVariables::value beneath the field InputVariables::key where it says 'url', and clicking Run Script. If this build doesn't resolve your issue, please produce the error, then locate and submit the ScriptMaster log file in an e-mail to support@360works.com. You can reference our documentation at the following URL to locate those logs: http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Plugin_log_files Do not reopen FileMaker as that will erase the previous session's logs. Also, please include in your e-mail what version and bit-version of FileMaker you are using. Let me know if you have any questions. Sean Kuhn 360Works Support 770-234-9293
  7. Hi Joel, iOS 12 and Mojave require that CalDAV accounts connect over SSL, so when you make your account, enable SSL. Also, make sure your server is open on port 443. A default FileMaker Server install usually allows that anyway, but if you're implementing a network gateway, you'll have to make sure you have the proper port forwarding set up.
  8. Hello, Sorry for the late reply. Next time you boot the instance, can you send us the logs? You can find them in the following directory: Mac: Library/360Works/Applications/Logs Win: Program Files\360Works\Applications\Logs The logs I'd like you to find will be called "Zulu.[date].log", "catalina.[date].log", "manager.[date].log", where the date is the day you produced the issue in the format YYYY-MM-DD. When you find the logs, e-mail them to us at support@360works.com. Once we receive them, we'll take a look at what's going on and get back to you.
  9. Hello, Currently, we have our plugins installing java in the User directories on MACs because there tend to be permissions hurdles that are resolved when an instance of java exists there. We're currently working on builds of our plugins, including ScriptMaster, that can implement java installed in a ROOT directory. I'm sorry this isn't available now, so check with us or our store at a later date for versions of our plugins with this capability. Also, just in case, here's a reference link for manual java installations on our recent plugin versions for MAC. http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Common_issues#Plugins_released_on_or_after_May_2017_fail_to_load
  10. Hi John, If you're still running into this issue, please try applying the built-in ScriptMaster functions SMLastError and SMLastStackTrace trace, which can be called right after a plugin error occurs to return more information on the error that occurred. Documentation for these functions can be found at the following link. http://static.360works.com/plugins/SCRIPTMASTERPLUGIN/documentation.html#SMLastError You can also take a look at the log files that may have captured this information. Reference the following link to find the location of those log files. http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Plugin_log_files If you'd like me to take a look at the logs, you can e-mail them to support@360works.com. We'll take a look at the logs and reply back through the same e-mail thread. Sean Kuhn 360Works Support 770.234.9293
  11. Hello! Zulu employs an instance of MirrorSync 2 to execute the sync, and it appears to be running out of memory. Are you still having this issue? If so, try the solution at the following link to increase the memory allocation. http://docs.360works.com/index.php/MirrorSync_4_advanced_topics#OutOfMemoryError
  12. Hello, We have a build which employs our new Zulu Google API acct so that syncs won't be hitting the quota limit. I'll shoot you a link to download it via messages. Let me know if you received it.
  13. Hello! We had to change accounts registered for using the Google Calendar API, and are also working to increase the Google request quota limit to address this issue. We're currently waiting on a response from Google. I apologize for the delay. Sean
  14. That could possibly work. You probably already know this, but just in case, you'll want to decrease the TTL when you make the address change to a domain name so the propagation step doesn't cause a lot of downtime. Another step I forgot to mention is, while you make the change to the domain name in your MirrorSync configuration, you'll need to delete the database's MirrorSync external data sources before you copy the new MirrorSync scripts into the file.
  15. Conducting a hard stop on syncing to move the database to a new server would be the simplest and least risky method, and it would not require any new license/configuration purchases. I would recommend doing the following: To reduce server downtime, you can set up your new server with a 1 sync device configuration at no cost. Do this to test your new configuration so integrating the database over to the new server goes more smoothly. Once you have a successful configuration on your new server, have all users perform a final sync to update the database, and then close out of their files. When all users have done so, copy the up-to-date database file to the new server. Step the file through the MirrorSync configuration client you already created on the new server to make sure there are no discrepancies. Copy the scripts into your database file, then you should probably test a sync to make sure everything is working properly, and distribute new offline copies to all of your users. I hope this information helps, and let me know if you have more questions!
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