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  1. Hello, Could you please reproduce the issue, then locate the stderrProscTomcatDaemon logs, and either attach them to this thread or email them to our support service(support@360works.com) so that we can review what is happening?
  2. Hello, Please go to the Services Control Panel and find the 360Works Service, then stop and start that service. Then go to the 360Works directory in your Program Files\360Works directory and open the 360Works Admin.jar and make sure the service is running (it will say Stop in the upper righthand corner if it is running) otherwise select Start in the upper righthand corner. After insuring that all services are running, run the installer. If you get any errors throughout this process, send the stderrProscTomcatDaemon logs which are located at the following file path C:\Program Files\360Works\Internal\Logs. If you see multiple files of that type then send them all.
  3. Hello Noél, John is correct. Please just install the plugin with extension .fmx if you are using 32-bit FMP. If it still fails to initialize, could you try moving the other plugins out of the Extensions directory to test if there is a conflict between the plugins? If then it still fails to initialize, please look for a log file in the Windows temp directory generated by our plugin at the time the initialization failed. The file will likely have '360Works_ScriptMaster' in the name.
  4. Hi Nate, Yes, the server-to-server sync does implement the customization script if it's a XML configuration. This is best used for filtering at the record level. I think the post is requesting to exclude data at the table level, which could be filtered using customization, but leaving a layout out of the sync for that table would be a simpler and safer solution in that instance. But you are right, that customization script exists, and deleting layouts included in a sync would be problematic. Thank you for your input!
  5. Hello, You won't want to delete layouts or fields from your solution if the sync configuration is set to sync any of that information. It will break the MirrorSync script, and throw a lot of layout/field is missing errors. Each server-to-server sync should have its own configuration. One file can have multiple sync configurations. All you'll need to do is exclude layouts from the sync if you do not want MirrorSync to process them. For example, if you have three servers(FMS1, FMS2, FMS3), each with a copy of the same file, and you want to sync tables A, B, C between FMS1 and FMS2, and sync tables B, C, D between FMS1 and FMS3, just create two configurations with FMS1 as the hub where the FMS1<->FMS2 sync only includes layouts for tables A, B, and C, and the FMS1<->FMS3 sync includes layouts for tables B, C, and D. The file on FMS1 will have two sets of MirrorSync scripts, but both will run "independently" of one another---I say "independently" because both syncs would reference the same sync data and same record information, but one sync should not hinder the other. If you already have sync configurations set up for your solutions, just step through the sync configuration, exclude the layouts you want to exclude, then recopy the script steps into your solutions.
  6. Hello Mark, The request that is failing is MirrorSync testing whether it can connect to the hosted database by "pinging" the layout ProscNoSuchTable. If successful, it will receive a 105 response from FileMaker indicating the layout is not there. However, if it cannot connect to the database, you will see the error you reported. Have you tried the sync again to see if it was just a temporary issue? Judging from the server address of the request, it looks like MirrorSync may be installed on the same machine as FileMaker Server. If so, the issue should not be network related. Could you step through the sync configuration in the configuration client to see if you can pull up the database JPG-MIS-Data in the list of databases drawn up when clicking the "Choose..." button on the page where you specify the FMS and MirrorSync addresses? If you're still experiencing the issue, please submit a log file to us. You can do so by visiting the MirrorSync launch page ([server address]/MirrorSync), clicking Send Problem Report and Log Files, filling out the form and submitting. It would be helpful if you reproduced the issue right before sending the log file.
  7. Hello, I recommend building your separate mobile by just making a copy of your hub file, and then removing records/layouts/tables from that file as you see fit. MirrorSync updates a timestamp in the MirrorSync table on the hub regularly so that MirrorSync can better evaluate the state of the records in new copies. You'll want this timestamp to be properly captured in your separate mobile file to avoid record conflicts. Any time you import records to the offline copy from the hub, you'll want to update this timestamp. Copying the hub as a base to generate your separate mobile file will take care of this. You probably won't need to both changing the DatabaseVersion value in the separate mobile file as the database updater feature is not available for separate mobile files. You'll need to make any db changes to the hosted mobile file, have users that use a separate mobile file for syncing run a final sync of their copy, and then download a copy of the updated mobile file.
  8. Hello, For file downloads, the MirrorSync table should have at least a server record(field type has value 'server'), and usually has a hub record in it as well. You don't need to mess with any of the fields on this table except for the sync4 field, which you would update if you are pre-populating your separate mobile file.(http://docs.360works.com/index.php/MirrorSync_5_advanced_topics#Can_I_pre-populate_my_offline_database_to_speed_up_initial_sync.3F) There should not be client record in this table. Other than that, you should not need to do anything more with the MirrorSync table beyond updating the DatabaseVersion field value, which you can do from the Manage Database dialog. You can absolutely pre-populate your separate offline file to reduce the initial sync time. However, you'll need to make sure the records you have in the offline file match the customization you set up to filter the records. Please reference the link I provided above to guide you on pre-populating your offline file
  9. Hello, Yes, placing a button on the fields won't affect MirrorSync's ability to access data in fields and to write to them.
  10. Hi Caroline, I apologize for the delay in response. I sent you a reply through the bug report you submitted, but I guess you did not receive it. Could you please download and install the latest build of MirrorSync? You can download it from the link below. http://sc.360works.com/SuperContainer/RawData/pro/360/NewMirrorSyncBuild5 The log you submitted indicates you are running MirrorSync 5.0, and the latest dev build of MirrorSync (5.0045) may already resolve your issue. Please let me know if you continue to experience the Access is denied error.
  11. Hello, You would need to make use of the MimeMessage class's setHeader() function. You can set the e-mail as plain text with call msg.setheader("Content-Type", "text/plain") https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12511744/custom-mail-headers-using-mime-in-java You may also need to specify "text/plain" as the second parameter in your [body object].setBody() call. The proper key to set an Unsubscribe List is "List-Unsubscribe". At the link below, someone applies it, and also includes a loop the prints all the headers to the console. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/21959235/javamail-api-listing-header-doesnt-work You can probably set a list of headers to a return variable to test out your function call, something like: String headersList; Enumeration headers = msg.getAllHeaders(); while (headers.hasMoreElements()) { Header header = (Header) headers.nextElement(); headersList += "\n" + header.getName() + ": " + header.getValue()); } return headersList;
  12. Hello, Thank you, OlgereDiekstra, for sharing that insight about the userspace. ScriptMaster includes a function, RunShellScript, that could allow you to connect to the remote Share through the script if the userspace context/authentication is the issue. However, to diagnose the reason ListAllFilesInDirectory is not working, could you please reproduce the issue, then locate the log file generated by our plugin, and attach that to this thread? You can reference our docs at the link below to locate the log file. http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Plugin_log_files
  13. Hello, Yes, developer-managed keys should perform better because it is not having to reference a SyncJoin to verify record-matching across the sync---it will only make changes based on the actual primary key values of the records. However, this performance difference may be negligible as compared to other factors like database size, network speed, server specs, etc. The only other reasons developer-managed keys(assuming you're using UUIDs) are that UUIDs are less prone to duplications, and also, should you run into any sync data issues, the option to use our built-in Repair sync data feature is available only if the sync configuration employs developer-managed keys. Having multiple sync configurations in your solution will not take away from the reliability of MirrorSync-managed v developer-managed keys beyond the reasons mentioned above. If you need to reset your sync data for any reason, all of the sync configurations associated with the same file located at the same address will be affected. MirrorSync already keeps an internal db associating matching records across the sync. If you do not configure the settings in your database to ensure record key uniqueness across multiple instances of the database(e.g. employing UUIDs), then you should select MirrorSync-managed keys in your sync configuration.
  14. Hello, I apologize, but custom code falls out of the scope of our free support. However, we have developers who are able to provide consultation work for you. If you'd like to hire one of our developers to generate custom code, I can put you in touch with our Project Coordinator. Send us an e-mail at support@360works.com or call us at 770-234-9293 making that request. You and the Project Coordinator will discuss the details of the work and determine an estimate for how much it will cost. We usually charge $185/hr for consultation work. If you share your code, either we or someone else on the forum can point you in the right direction. Someone may even provide the code you need. Stackoverflow.com is a good resource, too. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4365850/list-unsubscribe-in-e-mail-header-how-to This may not be the solution, but I recently helped a customer with a similar issue---their e-mails were going to recipients' Spam folder---and we found that the issue was that they were trying to send an e-mail using a different domain from that of the email server. The e-mail server needed a SPF record that communicated to recipients' servers that it was authorized to send e-mails for that domain(http://bananatag.com/hub/spf-records-and-why-theyre-important/). That could be something to look into if you're using a different domain from your SMTP server. If you're experiencing an issue with ScriptMaster itself, then that would be something we can help you with at no charge. Please produce the issue, then look for the log file capturing the behavior. You can reference our docs at the link below to help you locate the log file. http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Plugin_log_files
  15. Hello, With MirrorSync 5, on the initial sync, the user is prompted a password input for the sync credentials(the creds used to log into the hub file to conduct the sync). MirrorSync will store this password in a HSQL table and provides the syncing database with a UUID associated with the password entry. On subsequent syncs, MirrorSync will reference this UUID to select the password for logging into the hub. This is strictly for convenience to reduce the number of times a user is prompted password input to only when they log into their database, and for the initial sync. This feature will not help users who forgot their password and are unable to log into their database instance.
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