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  1. Hello, By "if the first record completes, then the script sets the related from 0 to 1", do you mean you have a subscript call configured in the customization section of the MirrorSync script? or are you saying that as the MirrorSync script executes, changes made by the sync adjusts those auto-enter values? It sounds like the cause of the record state discrepancy is variability in the records' states during the sync. Since the auto-enter is allowed to trigger whenever a related record's field changes, and the value is dependent upon another record's status, the order the records sync
  2. Hello, Could you please provide more information about the sync? What is the field definition for that field? Is the table containing that field configured to sync data in both directions or just one direction, and if the latter, which direction? Are you applying customization to filter what records sync? What is the "record lock" workflow you mention?
  3. Hello, This is expected behavior. The FileMaker Data API requires that you log into the database https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/docs/18/en/dataapi/#protect-host-solutions -> Prepare databases for FileMaker Data API access -> Protect your FileMaker Data API solutions In your sync configuration, if you are selecting the option to use FileMaker credentials to log into the hub database, you will need to set passwords for user accounts that want to sync. If users have the same access to records in the database as a Full Access account, you can set it to use hub credentials
  4. Hello, Yes, you should be fine syncing a FileMaker with SQL server. The documentation section you included in your post is referring to fields like 'modified timestamp' and 'modified by' that update automatically anytime a field in a record changes value. You should only include the modification timestamp field in your sync configuration. To clarify, syncing modification fields other than the timestamp will produce conflicts because the data will likely update to values different from what MirrorSync writes to the records. Since MirrorSync is unaware of any other modification fields
  5. Hello, I apologize for the late reply. Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, please submit a MirrorSync log to us. This can be done through the MirrorSync launch page where you downloaded the configuration client([server address]/MirrorSync) by clicking the link Send Problem Report and Log Files, filling out the form, and submitting. If the behavior occurred on a day different from when you are submitting the log, then change the log date on the submission form to the day when the behavior occurred. If that date is more than 2 weeks prior to the current date, you'll have to reprod
  6. Hello, It is possible to change the background color of a cell. To format the background color of a cell, you need to specify three arguments in the ScribeDocWriteValue call: 1st: cell name 2nd: color 3rd: "background=true" To change the background color of cell H4 to green, you would call ScribeDocWriteValue( "H4" ; "green" ; "background=true").
  7. Hello, Sorry for the late reply. Could you please reproduce the behavior and submit a log file? You can do this from the MirrorSync launch page where you downloaded the Configuration Client([server address]/MirrorSync) by clicking the link Send Problem Report and Log Files, filling out the form, and submitting. Please include in the form body the behavior you're seeing, the layout of the table where the new record is being generated, and the primary key value of that new record. Is the Project layout built on a table that's included in the sync? If not, the MirrorSync script should n
  8. Hello, I apologize for the delay in response. You cannot get header information from emails you are sending, only emails that are in your mailbox. You could possibly move the email to your Sent folder after sending, connect to your email server via IMAP/POP, then pull that email into FileMaker while calling EmailReadMessageValue("headers") on it to get the headers after it's been sent.
  9. Hello, I apologize for the delay in response. What specific fields are you asking about? Are you asking about the modification timestamp fields set for each table that are mapped in the sync configuration? If so, these fields are important for MirrorSync to determine which records have changed state, and what values to update on each side of the sync. MirrorSync maintains sync data against which it compares the modification timestamps to evaluate the latest record states. In the case of automatically merging fields, the modification timestamps are important to MirrorSync decidin
  10. Hello, I apologize for the delay in reply. What version of FileMaker Server are you running? If you are running FMS 18+, you will need to create a signed version of your plugin. Instructions for doing that are in our docs. Go to docs.360works.com, click the ScriptMaster module, and go to the section titled FileMaker 18 Changes. If that does not resolve your issue, please reproduce the error, locate the plugin log file, and attach that to this thread for me to review. The log can be located at the following path relative to the FMS directory: /FileMaker Server/Logs/360Plugin Logs
  11. Hi Nicolas, I apologize for the late reply. If this is still an issue, I'd like to try to reproduce on my end. Could you please create a simple solution that can reproduce the behavior? It should include your e-mail body and the script to send the email?. You can leave the SMTP settings blank as I will apply my own. You can either attach it to this thread or user our support file upload service(https://360works.com/upload/). If you use the latter, please include in your description my name and the link to this thread.
  12. Hello Daniel, Are these the only logs in the ../360Plugin Logs directory? If so, could you please install the current store build of ScriptMaster on your server and restart the scripting engine(command: fmsadmin restart fmse -y). That may resolve your issue. If it does not, please locate the ScriptMaster log file at the path I specified above and send it to me.
  13. Hello Daniel, Could you first try restarting the admin server just in case it's an interface issue. Sometimes the admin console interface in FMS 16 is misleading and doesn't report information correctly. You can restart the admin server by running command 'fmsadmin restart adminserver -y' on the server where FMS is installed. If ScriptMaster is not staying initialized, we'll need to diagnose what is causing ScriptMaster to shut down. If you open the admin console to find that ScriptMaster is not enabled, and restarting the adminserver doesn't change or you try to run a ScriptMaster f
  14. Hello, We currently have no plans to implement that feature from the Auth.net API with Plastic. I can submit it as a feature request and a future version of Plastic may include it. I could also put you in touch with our Project Manager to coordinate some custom development. That work would cost $185/hr to accomplish. Let me know if you're interested in pursuing that option; otherwise, I will submit the new feature request.
  15. Hello, Could you please reproduce the issue, then locate the stderrProscTomcatDaemon logs, and either attach them to this thread or email them to our support service(support@360works.com) so that we can review what is happening?
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