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  1. Hello, I'm new to FM and Custom Web Publishing. I'm playing with PHP and I after various days of searching I can't figure how can get the value of a summary field in a found set. This is the code I'm actually using, this code get the value of one record, not the value of all found set. (Excuse my English....) "Total Sales" is the summary field. Any help please? Thank you very much. $findCommand = $fm->newFindAnyCommand("MyLayout"); $findCommand->addFindCriterion("Year", "2018"); #$findCommand->setRange(0, 1); $result = $findCommand->execute(); if(FileMaker::isError($result)){ echo($result->getMessage()); return; } $record = current($result->getRecords()); $totalsales = $record->getField("Total Sales");
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