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  1. I have a portal which display fields songs titles from related tables. One such field indicate the Genre of the song. I'd like the portal row to change color based on the Genre field. My current implementation has a text field containing a space and sized the same as the portal row with conditional formatting. While this basically works, I find it inelegant, plus, when editing the layout, it's another object to deal with. Suggestions?
  2. First, I appreciate any help I can get as this project has been evolving over two years and, as these kinds of projects to, has become more involved and complicated over that time. I've posted related questions, but exploring other parts of my project. As I'm not a programmer, but a sort of user nerd, my inquisitive mind wants to learn, but sometimes simple concepts elude me. Feedback, both on the specific goal at hand as well as the project overall is always appreciated. Performers is one piece of a much larger project, but I'm trying to enhance the project and working on a piece at a ti
  3. Comment, thanks for your help - it worked perfectly. Now I have a next level objective... Here is my current relationship graph and my previous Gig layout. When this was originally created, there were just two of us performing, so I had a Singer value list created which included Clayton, Vicky and duet (both of us). The "Set List Summary & Counts" section of the layout (circled) was done with summary counts and the headings (Set, Songs, Duration, Clayton, Vicky, Duet) are just text on the layout. Each row in the Set List Summary & Counts section is a one-row portal to the same lay
  4. Now I'm feeling dense... I had the original count field in a one-row portal from the Roles table. You've just proved that sometimes things are much easier than we want to make them. Thanks so very much for your patience - Some difficult concepts I grasp quite easily, and some simple concepts elude me!
  5. Thanks for replying, Comment. SongID doesn't exist in the Musicians table - only in the Roles table (and obviously Songbook table). So I can't count SongID in the Musicians table - only in the Roles table where the MusicianID appears one or more times. I'm not sure I'm articulating the challenge properly, but happy to keep trying. I appreciate any help I can get.
  6. Similar to a previous post but different. My portal contains records where a musician (MusicianID) may have multiple entries based on participation on a song (SongID). My goal is for the song count (circled) to show how many songs this musician has 'touched' regardless of the role or involvement. In order words, in this example, the song "For Good" appears twice because the musician has two records for this song in the portal - one for Cover Artist and one for Comp/Lyricist. However, the song "For Good" should only get counted once in the summary field. The song count field is a summ
  7. It's been a while since I developed a performance/singer set list application in FM18 and am revisiting it. I don't work in FM enough make my desired changes on my own, so asking for some help or directions. Essentially I have several related tables that grab info into a join (Gigs~Songs_Join) table. Tables include: Gigs: Date/time, venue, producer, etc. I Songbook: song title, duration, keys, genre, lyrics, etc. Musicians: used in Songbook to include original artist, lyricist, composer, etc. Venues: address, contact for venue, etc., used in Gigs above The attached snapshot i
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