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  1. Jhon Doe

    Import data to populated child tables

    Thank you for your help bcooney, let me see if i understand, you're telling me that i have to be sure that the cvs file has to have a field that matches with the "parent" table in order to related both tables?. I'm going to check it and i will tell you how it is going.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm a beginner in FM, and i'm trying to develop a solution that allows me to import data from a csv file. I have two related tables Customer ("parent") and Alerts ("child"), each one has a primary key and the Alerts table has a foreign key to conect with the Customer table. I have to populated the alerts table from a cvs file that could have lots of records so I want to relate this new data to the right customers automatically when i import it, the new data does not have a field with the customer ID (primay key) only has its name. Could you please give me any advice with that?

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