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  1. Just uninstall it and then install it again and you get 30 more days. It worked for me. I also have Filemaker 15 trial that works. So I can convert the file for you. Send it as attachment to me in a message.
  2. No. I have a trial version. If you uninstall it and reinstall it again you get 30 more days to use it.
  3. I repeat my wish if anybody would be graceful to give away or share a copy of Filemaker Pro v6 for Windows?
  4. Hi and thank you for your answer. I too googled but found nothing... But your link leads to nowere. You get right back to this page.
  5. I really don't find an appropiate subforum to put this question in so I put it here. I have a friend that have an old Mac +. He had some valuable databases created in Filmaker v1 saved on an equally old Apple HD of the type 20SC. Now he's mac has gone to the Mac heaven. But he have some old PC's, one with Windows 98 on it. Well, you can see what kind of a computer person he is! I have another friend that have an Mac G3. We could retrieve the files from the HD and burned them on a CD and in that way we could transfer them to my PC. But the files are so old that we must convert them to a newer version so they can be read by Filemaker Pro V6 for Windows wich needs Windows 98 which my friend has as I said. Thanks to another member here on this community who have FM v6 for Mac, he converterted the files to the file format .fp5. But now my friend needs the FM Pro v6 for Windows to be able to read, write and print the files. There is a trial version that can be dowloaded ( and I have) but it stops working after 30 days so therefor I need a working version for my friend. Is there anyone who could concider to share a working version of Filemaker Pro v6 for Windows?
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