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  1. Hi again, Lee Once again, thanks for your help! I attach a couple of screenshots of the database I'm building for my job; as you can read in my profile I'm about a rookie when it comes to filemaker. I've made some other databases, more complex than this one, but I'm stuck here with the problem we're trying to solve. Well, the information table is the little one to the right (its records are shown in the other caption), and the native the other in red. I've related both of them as you see, but I don't know if this is useful or not. I created the auxiliar table in order to be able to modify the information if drug costs change (we expect it to become cheaper with time) without needing to modify a calculation in the future (I'm the only one of my parters who know something about database creation in filemaker). Both tables are, as shown, in the same file. Let me know if you (or anybody else) need more information! Good night from Spain!
  2. (sorry for repeating the entry; i didn't know where to post it!I Good afternoon! I'm having some trouble with something I'm trying to do in Filemaker. I need to perform a calculation by using an auxiliar table, which is unrelated to the one in which I want the calculation field to be. That table shows the available doses in miligrams and the cost associated to each one (cost is not proportional to the dose). The problem is that I don’t know how to retrieve the cost field depending on the dose we choose; let me explain: if the doctor prescribes the 75 mg dose, I want to perform the calculation by using the proper cost (177.6237$) from the auxiliar table. I’ve tried some scripts, but I don’t know how to get to the field that belongs to the record with the dose chosen. Also, I can't do it by using a simple "If" calculation (If proposed_dose = 75; 177,6237 ; If...) because costs change with time and we prefer not to modify field properties (too complex for final users). Any idea? In Excel this seems to be so easy (just need to refer the proper cell from the proper book when writing the calculation), but not that easy in Filemaker (at least for me…). Thanks in advance! Daniel (Spain) ··· this is the auxiliar table, for the case you need it as a reference: DOSE_MG COST_PER_DOSE 75 177,6237 150 319,7111 225 497,3348 300 639,4222 375 817,0459 450 959,1333 525 1136,757 600 1278,8444
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