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  1. Hi All, I have a table with customer and registration in my layout I want to be able to go to a new record but the customer name must be automatically populated from current customer in previous layout. Both layouts are from the same table. I just can not get the set variable and set field to work I tried using global field but without success this is my code
  2. Gismo12

    PDF Container

    I can not specify a file name, i want to be able to open the location, select the specific file, then link to the container is that possible? I came so far as to select the file but then it actually opens the PDF file instead of directing me to link the file
  3. Hi, any reason why i get an operator expected error in line 1?
  4. Gismo12

    PDF Container

    ok I have discovered a different method but from Line one, I get a operator expected error. Set Variable [$path; Value:Get (TemporaryPath ) ] Save Records as PDF [Restore, No dialog; "$path"; Records being browsed] Go to Field [select/perform; myContainerField] Insert PDF ["$path"] Go to Field [select/perform] What I want to accomplish is: open folder select the PDF file insert the PDF file to container I think I am almost there with below code
  5. Gismo12

    PDF Container

    Hi, I looked at all the references your provided but still can not get it to work. I have quite a few layouts with either photos or PDF attachments. at this stage all attachments are imported into File Maker tables and not linked to external files. the commands seems to require a path and a serial number which I do not have. also not sure where to add the command. I placed it in the script opening the PDF display layout, just before the goto layout script please could you assist?
  6. I have made the changes as suggested, it still remains in the loop.
  7. Gismo12

    Filter contents of drop down

    Hi all, lets say i have a invoice table and customer table i want to select the customer from a drop down list but I only want to see active customers in the drop down. How do I filter the drop down list?
  8. Hi All, I have requested this before but have not come to a solution yet. I have a container with a PDF insert. when selected, the user must be able to read the PDF attachment At this stage the PDF is not opening. It displays the PDF file name with the PDF logo only If I insert a picture it does display
  9. I have tried the code as suggested, but as I said, It remains in the loop and nothing else happens. It is not deleting the records.
  10. Thank you, but it does not seem to work. I have 152 records, i have a picture in one of the records, when I run the IsEmpty scripts, all 152 records are deleted. I tried below script but stays in loop. Here is my script:
  11. Gismo12

    PDF not viewing

    Hi, Can anyone please assist with this request?
  12. Hi, How will I approach to delete all records in a table where the container is empty. I tried a few scripts but ran into problems with most of them. Loop stayed in a loop I tried calculating container length and delete if length is zero, but the field does not calculate to a zero even if i set default to zero
  13. Gismo12

    Copy and paste data

    Hi, I have managed to import the data successfully by I noticed that when you create a new record, the auto index key is updated but then you import, the auto primary key is not updated. which means when I click to add the photo of the product after the data has been imported, I get a primary key is defined to require a value, how would I go about this?
  14. Gismo12

    Copy and paste data

    how would i import from one table to another, one field only, without a script?
  15. Gismo12

    Copy and paste data

    Yes, as you explained in the last comment, that was my reasoning behind copying the data to the second table to add a picture to the second table.

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