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  1. Hi, Thank you for the reply Steve but I can not get to the code behind the layout but that seems to be exactly what I need to do. Except, I dont want to layer, each portal runs independent from the other 4 portals. In portal 1, i only want to be able to select records relating to my category 05 and only want to display records from category 05, in portal 2 I only want to be able select records from category 06 and display the records from category 06 etc etc
  2. Hi, Yes I looked at conditional and dwindling value lists but it does not seem to be a solution for my problem. I am looking at the same table data and needs to filter within the same table but this is for 5 portals withing one layout I have 5 categories, which I want to group per portal, each portal must only display one category and the dropdown per portal must only list the records equal to the same category
  3. Hi all, I ran into a bit of a problem, if you could please count me in the right direction. The question is actually 2 fold. In my table table I have a category and part number etc etc etc There is 5 categories On my layout I have 5 portals which i want to point to the different categories, so each portal should only reflect one category on each portal there is a dropdown to select the part number but again, if I am in portal for category 1, I only want to see part numbers for category 1 I am not sure how to limit each portal to only one specific category nor
  4. Hi All, Please could you assist? I want to select a date from the drop down calendar but only want to display Month and year for example: April 2019 How do I accomplish this?
  5. Hi All, Can anyone please assist me with above query? would be highly appreciated, bit stuck on this one and I am sure this is a simple fix
  6. Hi All, please could you give some background? I am working in layout FactoryAllocations. I have a drop down with records from my ATA Table my second drop down is from the FactoryPrice, but I only want to see part with the same ATA as selected in the first drop down. I have my relationship, Factory Price and ATA tbl with relationship between ATAChapter I have created a second bable instance for FactoryPrice and linked to ATA - ATAChapter In my second drop down, I Use value from the FactoryPrice_ATA Tbl and only include values starting from ATA. Still I get a
  7. Thank you all for the reply, I will work with that. I think I need to go for proper FM training. I can not get a reputable training company in south Africa though. Does anyone know where I could inquire about formal training?
  8. does filemaker function in the same way, with a front end and a back end,? all i know about filemake is that it is all in one file. Also, is there sample databases to be downloaded as sample which can be edited to suite my needs? I need a financial and stock management sample.
  9. Hi all, I have a full functioning Microsoft access database with front end and back end. the company requires user to have updated live information then out in the field and only want to be able to use IPads. Does anyone know if microsoft access back end can be used as a data source for IPad front end to update an update table in access before updating the master files? I am much more proficientt in access than file maker so for me to rewrite the program in filemaker at this stage would be impossible. The program needs to be able to run on microdoft, mac and IPad. so the front end i
  10. Hi Ocean West, thank you for the reply, could you please explain a bit more on the BaseElements? not sure what it is or how to implement it Would I need to install it on all pc's running file maker or only the one we are doing the development on?
  11. Hi All, I have posted on this topic before but I have not come to a solution. I need to attach a PDF file when on click, goto server location, the client must be able to brows for the file, not a fixed location then insert pdf into container Please could you give me a few guide lines as I have tried quite few few with no results
  12. Oh okay now I understand. So when I am on a certain layout and I want to open a different layout but go to the same customer, how do I accomplish this? Ah, sorry guys, found the solution. I was trying to open a layout from different tables references
  13. Hi All, Any proposals for above request? would really appreciate it as I just dont know which way to go from here. My Customer_Aircraft layout is not available when usen the Balance sheet as related record
  14. Hi, The 2 layouts in question here is the Balance Sheet layout and the Customer_Aircraft layout. Not referring to the aircraft spec or the customer layout. I need to open the balance sheet from the Customer_Aircraft Layout Customer_Aircraft Layout has 2 primary keys, Customer ID which record the customer and the Customer_Aircraft ID which refers to the Aircraft ID. So when I write the script to open the Balance sheet and show records from the Customer_Aircraft layout, this layout is not available in the list to select. It only gives me the option of Balance sheet and b
  15. Hi All, Lets say I have a customer tbl , a product tbl and a transaction tbl If customer 1 owns product 1, 2 and 3 and customer 2 owns product 4, 5 and 6 When in transaction layout which was opened by related customer 1, I want to select the products only related to customer 1. How would I setup my drop down box to only show product 1, 2 and 3 related to customer 1 and then when in customer 2, to only show products 4, 5 and 6. I dont see any type of filtering I could do when setting up the drop down box value list. The products tbl does have a customer
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