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  1. Testet this again on my Mac as well, cannot reproduce anymore with and higher on macOS 10.15
  2. After reading all this I am still not sure why you are using global fields in the first place. I don't expect two users composing the exact same email at the same time, and even if, you would have the exact same problems using a global field. So what are you trying to do here? 🤔
  3. You could use a trailing grand summary and a background image that contains these exact lines. But this is a hassle to get done properly.
  4. This works great with FileMaker on Mac, but popup menus are a pita on Windows as scrolling using a mouse wheel and type-ahead are not supported.
  5. Hi, only way you might solve this is to copy the hex code and enter it in the FIleMaker color palette window. Though it might shift there as well (had this as well there). Have you submitted a bug report? Cheers Tobias
  6. I've built a Monitoring DB for our company using the DataAPI and scheduled scripts. It pings just once a minute but that is fast enough for us and allows to also send CPU load, RAM usage and HD usage. And all of this quite efficiently. Still it does not allow remote control of the server since it is dependent on the Scripting engine but at least it is a two-way controlled setup (if the pings do not come in in time you get a message and if the monitoring server is not reachable you get a message). Ideally you'd use 2 Monitoring servers that control each other for additional safety. So far we are quite satisfied with the setup and it is much easier to keep the data produced small enough.
  7. tbh. this new behavior crashes my FM installation regularly. Whenever ScriptMaster shows some java Error dialogs there is a rising chance they disappear after half a second or so and cannot be brought to the foreground while blocking FileMaker without any timeout. So I have to force quit FM after at most 2 calls to the faulty script. Really freaks me out when trying to develop new function.
  8. Got a Notification for the first time. Seems somebody is listening and fixed it.
  9. Sounds good. When will the next version be ready? 🤩
  10. Sounds good to me. Will you also implement encryption of Passwords or will you solely rely on SSL? (I ask this because wee won't have SSL on every server)
  11. I now realised it was the bingo that kept filing up my server... Why on earth does MySQL need 60 GB of binary log for 500 MB of data?
  12. Thanks a lot, I'm not a SQL Server poweruser so that event scripting will come in handy. So the best course of action would probably be a (SQLServer? Deamon?) script that monitors the table, logs excessive CPU usage and then deletes the records no longer needed?
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