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  1. Tom Assia

    Portal and sort

    I know, in this specific case, not a problem, only one user have to use it, thanks for help
  2. Tom Assia

    Portal and sort

    Hey, It's not easy to explain with my poor english. So i made an example empty and anoter explanation : 1/ I've got a main table contain only globals (user name, etc) 2/ I've got a layout with this table linked to another table so i use portal to display information 3/ The sort on portal have to change somes times by customer name, sometimes by city. So i could make a calculation for sort but i tried another way : I create a field in the table in the portal and use it to sort. This field is fill by a script which displaying datasort it by critera i sent and then come back to the main table. Is it more clear ? Tom Portal.fmp12
  3. Tom Assia

    Portal and sort

    Hello everyone, i have to sort many portal on the same layout. My idea is to use one field for the table display in the portal. In the script i display layout with table used in portal, sort and then replace field content by serial. Then go back to the main windows and the portal is sort. What do you think about that ? is there a better way ? Tom
  4. Tom Assia

    File could not be created on this disk

    Hey, The file List.xslx is not open anywhere ? Tom
  5. Tom Assia

    Odd desktop behavior on Open . . .

    Hello, Some instructions are the same for Staff or other people. Maybe you could set go to layout as 1st step, then test with if and after end if only set adjust Window. If you see what i mean ? Tom
  6. Tom Assia

    Use 4D ODBC as Datasource

    Hello, Which rights have the user ? admin ?
  7. Tom Assia

    Use 4D ODBC as Datasource

    Are you using Windows or Mac OS X ? Could you display the DSN ? Tom
  8. Tom Assia

    Use 4D ODBC as Datasource

    Have you or could you test ODBC connection with another product for example Excel or a sql tools ? Tom
  9. Tom Assia

    Use 4D ODBC as Datasource

    Hello, If you using Windows, be careful of version 32 or 64 bits i think. Tom
  10. Tom Assia


    Thanks for you reply, i'll look at this solution but i also have to manage the physical installation and device management. Tom
  11. Hello everyone, i'm making a study about changing our phone system. The main interest would be to use IP system and get data back. For example, when some on call, with Windows you could use TAPI for getting back the number and make a request in your database system (sales forces, etc). I don't find anything about connecting FILEMAKER with TAPI and more useful for me using IP Phone to open FILEMAKER database with Mac Os Did someone already work on it ? Tom
  12. Tom Assia

    Rebuilding an Index

    Hello, Just in addition of comment post, if ou want to rebuild and index of database you could use SQL with drop index and then create index. Tell me if you want an example Tom
  13. Tom Assia

    Layout list

    Hello, by using this file and the ddr maybe you could find a way You would have to import ddr data in a filemaker file layout.fmp12
  14. Hello, If you want to add related records with validation, you have to use script and not FILEMAKER link. For example, you could make a script for looking at different validation return 0 if ok or 1 if false and then created the related record or not. Not sure to be clear Tom
  15. Tom Assia

    Import best practice

    The second idea let you keep many imports because after get the 2 last imports, your boss will ask you for the 3 last you set and id import unique for each import then a link between the same table with sort by date desc and id ≠ id second table (don't know if it's clear) For example, first import 20 records with id = 1, second import 20 records with id = 2 etc Tom

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