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  1. Thanks for your reply. I have to change many many scripts. Tom
  2. Hi everyone, I'm working on an existing database of customers (more than 10 000) Managers want to limite access with condition customer account manager (field in each records) = Connected user But all the customers are in one table so when performing search query, all records are displayed. I tried to set permissions but user saw <record missing> for record they don't have access. It's not really clean for UX. So how do you manage this ? With a script for each query ? Thanks Tom
  3. Hi, I would like to use Curl with insert from for uploading picture with Prestashop Web Service. Everything i try failed. I use postman to test and it ran good with using form/data, i don't know how to "translate" something working on postman in FILEMAKER. Could you help me ? Thanks Tom
  4. Hello everyone, Does anyone had test my file (Size Calculator) from the market place ? Thanks Tom
  5. Thanks for your replay. I found a way bi using a second file which manage the first by opening, closing and then i can access to the datasource modified. You're right, only one change by session. I use it to list some weekly changes base on the backup i a have every week
  6. Hi everyone, i'v got many copies of a Filemaker DataBase. There is many changes week after week in this file put the tables are the same. I would like to count for example how many records i have week after week. For example starting month with 10 000 records, next week (another file) 17 654, next week (again another file) 18 765. So your doing this i set in external data source, changing with a loop so i have $$path for example, then open template but data or not changing. Maybe it's not possible to refresh the template even if the datasource changing ? The templ
  7. Hi, Thanks for your reply, if i a use a 3CX system, i could have caller's number for make a research and display the customer info with a phone connected to a mac ? Thanks Tom
  8. Hey, With Base Element the file path is not the same as in FILEMAKER usually. For example, you could use BE_Select_File and look at the result, you should have to change the file path. Tom
  9. I know, in this specific case, not a problem, only one user have to use it, thanks for help
  10. Hey, It's not easy to explain with my poor english. So i made an example empty and anoter explanation : 1/ I've got a main table contain only globals (user name, etc) 2/ I've got a layout with this table linked to another table so i use portal to display information 3/ The sort on portal have to change somes times by customer name, sometimes by city. So i could make a calculation for sort but i tried another way : I create a field in the table in the portal and use it to sort. This field is fill by a script which displaying datasort it by criter
  11. Hello everyone, i have to sort many portal on the same layout. My idea is to use one field for the table display in the portal. In the script i display layout with table used in portal, sort and then replace field content by serial. Then go back to the main windows and the portal is sort. What do you think about that ? is there a better way ? Tom
  12. Hey, The file List.xslx is not open anywhere ? Tom
  13. Hello, Some instructions are the same for Staff or other people. Maybe you could set go to layout as 1st step, then test with if and after end if only set adjust Window. If you see what i mean ? Tom
  14. Hello, Which rights have the user ? admin ?
  15. Are you using Windows or Mac OS X ? Could you display the DSN ? Tom
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