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  1. Hello, With adding "and Cad_Type_lxt is not null" it's not working ? Maybe you could say you could change your field and setting it like Auto entry with calculation : If Extract(field,1,1) = carriage return ; Extract(field; 2 (Length(field)). So if the first char is carriage return, get the string after the first one Tom
  2. Hello, you don't specify any thing in the rowSeparator so it woulf insert a carriage return as specify in the documentation : rowSeparator - the character string used as a separator between records in the result. If an empty string is specified, the separator is a carriage return. The row separator is not displayed after the last row in the result. Maybe you have more than one result ? and an empty as first Tom
  3. Tom Assia

    Size Calculator

    Hi everyone, Anyone else have tried this app ? Tom
  4. Tom Assia

    Duplicates and Empties . . .

    Hey, Have a look at this There is many solution to do this. Field Field_Duplicate is the solution. Tom duplicate.fmp12
  5. Tom Assia

    Duplicates and Empties . . .

    You said that the sort on field A didn't work well i think the problem is here Tom
  6. Tom Assia

    Duplicates and Empties . . .

    Hey, If you have access for creating fields, you could make a field with calculation. After sorting your record in the right way, in the calculation make If (value = GetEniemeRecord (french name) (value ; GetCurrentRecord Number - 1) and field b = ; 1; 0 Then search for every field C with 1 value. i made an example Tom duplicate.fmp12
  7. Hello, For the attachement, i think it should be path on your system, have you try to specify a no variable path for example User/XXX/Desktop/Attach ? With BE_Plugin, the path had to be set specifically, if you want to know the syntax, test with BE_Prompt before Tom
  8. Tom Assia

    linked tables problems

    Hi everyone, After some discussions with The "problem" is that four tables are linked by ID_JOB. In the script, if you use display related records and then fill the field with define field ... you always will fill the same record (the first one in this example) At the first bill, no problem, but when creating the second, the link doesn't work well. So after displaying internal job, you have to display billing for working on the last record and then you can fill it. Hope it's clairful. Tom
  9. Tom Assia

    linked tables problems

    Hey, Come on private message
  10. Tom Assia

    Filter Portal by month/year and global variable

    No problem, thank you for the reply, Maybe create two fields month and year in the commission table would improve speed For the order chek if hou had specify one in the link Tom
  11. Tom Assia

    Filter Portal by month/year and global variable

    Hello, One of the best way for doign this is thinking about data you want to filter. For example, you say : This will only show commission records that are from the current month and year You have two solutions : Make a calculation of the month and year base on the Sale_Date something like Month(Sale_Date = Month(GetDate(Today)) and Year(Sale_Date) = Year(GetDateToday)) But this solution make 3 calculations for each ligne. In the tables commission, have you got and auto entry for the month and year of the date ? If so, you could make Month_Sale_Date = Month(GetDateToday)) and the same for year, the portal will be more fluent. An other way is using the link between table and portal to set Month and year in the graph, it's again best solution. You could make a script on the layoute loading. Tom
  12. Tom Assia

    jdbc driver not loading with v5 of plugin

    ok thanks John
  13. Tom Assia

    jdbc driver not loading with v5 of plugin

    have you try to specifiy the full path in ClassFor.Name ('mypath/java....') ?
  14. Tom Assia

    jdbc driver not loading with v5 of plugin

    Hello, You said you used to do this so what changed ? Have you try to specifiy the patch in your classpath ? Tom
  15. Tom Assia

    Difference between two records with Self Join

    No problem, you could say it's resolved Tom

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