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  1. Hello OscarGalvez, Just for your knowledge, Scribe does not carry over any formatting settings when it writes to other documents. That means, any formatting done to the text (i.e. bold, italics, changing color, changing justification) will not reflect in your Office document. This is because we write directly to the underlying XML file of the Office doc in plain text. What is the default setting in your Word document for justification? Based on your example, you want the justification to be set to "Align Left" and what you're getting is text that is set to "Justified." When a document is set to "Justified," it adds space in-between words and stretches out the line until it reaches the end of the margin. "Align Left" yields the results that you expect to see. Let me know if you have any questions! Thank You, Kane Makekau
  2. Hello Mr. West, I wanted to check in with you about the new Authorize.Net change. Our Plastic developer has looked into the situation, and he has let me know that on October 15th, we will be able to determine whether there will be any action required on our part. October 15th is when Authorize.Net tests the new changes in their sandbox environment, so if our plugins communicate with the gateway without incident, everything will be ok and no changes will be needed. Let me know if you have any questions! Thank You, Kane Makekau
  3. Hello mkos, You can absolutely publish calendars without a full access account. Whatever account you want to use to publish calendars will need to have write access to the ZuluCalendarList table. You don't need a full access account to setup a configuration, but the account does need to have access to all events that are being synced. Otherwise, you may be missing events on your calendars. I find it best to setup the configs with full access accounts for this very reason, but if you have everything setup properly, you will not need a full access account. Let us know if you have any further questions! Thank You, Kane
  4. Hello, Anything schema related (e.g., tables, layouts, and scripts) comes from the dev server. Everything content related (e.g. records, accounts, and value lists) comes from the prod server, so your user accounts are maintained from the prod server like you would like them to be. Feel free to ask us any other questions! Thank You, Kane Makekau
  5. Hello Mr. Mundok, Unfortunately, VirtualMerchant does not accept the "firstName=" and "lastName=" parameters. You may have been looking at the documentation for a different gateway. You can find the VirtualMerchant specific here. Also, you can find the optional parameters that VirtualMerchant accepts here. You should see syntax for the CCProcessPayment function, and right below it, there will be a button to expand the list of optional parameters. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions! Thank You, Kane 360Works
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