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  1. I managed to change the default print setup sizes within forms on the PC. Via Control panel, printers, select print and the click on Print server properties. Create a new form from here. Then a simple script to print on a larger print setup if more then 3 lines of items.
  2. Hi Folks, This maybe a noob issue but I'm having a problem in Filemaker Go creating a PDF and inserting into a container field and then print to a mobile receipt printing. I can create the PDF in TemporaryPath which it does and add it to a container field, but the PDF is more than one page. It needs to be only one page to print to the receipt printer. If I do the same in Filemaker on my PC the PDF saves as one page as it should. Example attached. Is this a limitation in FMGO ? or am I missing something You help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Brandan
  3. Actually, they have just released Version: which fixes this bug !!!!
  4. Hi Geoffrey Thank you for responding and giving me your thoughts. I have double checked it and they are definitely the same result. UnitPrice * Qty does equal the value in the Amount field I tried to exclude the Amount but the plugin said it was required. I striped out all calculations and had only static numbers in UnitPrice and Amount but I get the same result. I also change the field type from currency to General. Attached is the error I get now. UnitPrice is 4.15, Qty is 3 therefore Amount (total) is 12.45. But the Error says its 12. What concerns me is the fact it had been working fine up until the latest plugin update.
  5. Hi All, Since upgrade our plugin to Win Version I now get this error when uploading invoices to QBO. It seems to be only invoices with more than 1 qty of an item as the error suggests. I have attached the script. UnitPrice (Line Items::ProdUnitCostRRP) * Qty (Line Items::Qty) does = Amount (Line Items::ProdUnitCostRRPTotal). So I'm unsure what is causing the issue. This was working fine before the upgrade !? So I'm wondering if there is something that has changed that needs to be called in the script. I would appreciate any help... script.pdf
  6. Hi Fitch, Thought I'd show you a screen video because I cannot get it to work. Thanks 20190507_101951.mp4 Try again... 20190507_101951.mp4
  7. Hi Fitch, I did as you kindly explained. However, when I drag a new field onto the layout it is still the original Font and Size. The Theme is set to the new one but Style shows as default. I click on the arrow next to Default and I only get an option to save as new.
  8. Wonderful. Just to change the font default.
  9. Hi Guys In layouts when I drag a field onto the layout it always uses the same font. I cannot find a way to change the default font. So at the moment every field I drag onto the layout I have to change its font size and resize the field box. I have read through a few articles which don't seem to show the same for my Filemaker (V.17 Pro Adv). i.e. Edit, preferences, no font tab. Also, in layout don't select anything and then change the font attributes, but they are greyed out. I've looked at themes and styles but cannot make sense of it if this is where I need to look. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Ah, wonderful. I spent hours on that XD Many Thanks
  11. Hi, I have fixed the add/update Products script but I'm back to the original issue with the error when adding Invoices to QBO specifically SalesItemLineDetails Line: Error executing request CODE: 2010 SEVERITY: ValidationFault MESSAGE: Request has invalid or unsupported property Property Name:Unrecognized field "Line" (class com.intuit.schema.finance.v3.SalesItemLineDetail), not marked as ignorable (17 known properties: "ItemRef", "DiscountR specified is unsupported or invalid SOURCE: PCQO_RqExecute It seems to refer to the ItemRef value which as far as I can see is correct. I have no idea why it mentions DiscountR as I'm not trying to apply discounts to the invoice. The script is as follows: PCQO_RqAddRelatedRecord [ Select: On; Results: $$Result; Record Type: "Line" ] PCQO_RqAddFieldWithValue [ Select: On; Results: $$Result; Field Name: "Description"; Field Value: Line Items::ProdDescripOneLine ] PCQO_RqAddFieldWithValue [ Select: On; Results: $$Result; Field Name: "DetailType"; Field Value: "SalesItemLineDetail"] PCQO_RqAddFieldWithValue [ Select: On; Results: $$Result; Field Name: "Amount"; Field Value: Line Items:: ProdUnitCostRRPTotal ] PCQO_RqAddRelatedRecord [ Select: On; Results: $$Result; Record Type: "SalesItemLineDetail" ] PCQO_RqAddFieldWithValue [ Select: On; Results: $$Result; Field Name: "ItemRef::Value"; Field Value: Line Items::QBListID] PCQO_RqAddFieldWithValue [ Select: On; Results: $$Result; Field Name: "Qty"; Field Value: Line Items::Qty ] PCQO_RqAddFieldWithValue [ Select: On; Results: $$Result; Field Name: "UnitPrice"; Field Value: Line Items::ProdUnitCostRRP ] PCQO_RqAddFieldWithValue [ Select: On; Results: $$Result; Field Name: "TaxCodeRef::Value"; Field Value: "34"] PCQO_RsCloseRelatedRecord [ Select: On; Results: $$Result ] PCQO_RsCloseRelatedRecord [ Select: On; Results: $$Result ]
  12. I have come across this in the developers guide: 13) Entity Query Support Each entity has its own “Query” support, specified by the Query operation. By default, when receiving an entity query request, QuickBooks Online will return no more than 500 matching entities. When setting up query requests using the FM Books Connector Online, however, this number of entities to be returned can be specified by defining the “MaxResults” field in the request. If this is omitted, then the request will return as many entities as their are in the QBO company, or 500, whichever is less. I might have to rethink how the script will check for items and add/update them accordingly based on the QBOList_Id.
  13. What I have noticed is the total items downloaded from QBO is 499. Is there a limit somewhere ? There are 949 items in QBO.
  14. Hi Quincy, I have constructed a script copying steps from the main database. It first Pulls items down and places them into a table. It then looks up the item to see if it's in the list. In this case it is not in the list. Therefore it adds the item to QBO and requests the ListID which it does get. However, if I pull the list down again I cannot find the item I just pushed. But I can find the item in QBO products 😕 When I run a QueryItem for the item it is not found. So it doesn't seem to be finding the item when I run a query which explains why the rest of my scripting for uploading an invoice fails. Here is the script I constructed for testing: Many Thanks Test script.pdf
  15. I have narrowed it down to Product Item ID not being pulling from QBO. I can add products to QBO and get the Item ID, they appear in QBO but when I execute the script to pull all items down into FM the recently pushed item is not pulled down. Script for Getting Items: This does pull in items from QBO but as I mentioned the new item is not in the list. Here is the script to Add or Update Items:
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