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  1. Ok Josh I will go in search of the csv file creation issue
  2. Hi Josh I understand that possibility but like I said without any other changes if I Copy out half the data into a new file and them import both files all is well. \it seems like an quantity issue to me that FM cant handle, strange one this
  3. I have a csv file that I am importing as a trial. When I open the csv file in Excel I have 4140 rows of data with 20 columns per Row When importing into FM I have 4576 records visible and the last 120 rows are full of incorrect data. I suspected that the issue was with commas in the csv file, However, If I split the csv file in Excel into 2 .xls files and import them separately every this is perfect so I don't see the problem being within the csv file Is there an issue in FM that only allows a certain amount of data to be imported? Thanks in advance
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