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  1. We are happy to announce the launch of the next FM Quizilla – Our Flagship product for FileMaker developers to practice for the FileMaker Certification exam. FM Quizilla supports aspiring developers who wish to be FileMaker 18 Certified. LEARN – EXPERIENCE – PRACTICE giving FileMaker 18 certification exam on your phone or tablet. What FM Quizilla offers? Even as FileMaker is reborn as Claris International Inc. and assumed a new brand identity -- MetaSys Software continues to bring to you the latest version , with all the features you have come to expect ! FM Quizilla has got a well-researched question bank along with questions related to FileMaker 18. Features like Practice test, Historical Analysis, Reviewing Answers, Tracking your progress will all continue to help you with learning and preparation for certification. How can the users gain more from this app? Users can download the trial version of the app and explore all the app features and a limited number of questions. Note: Those who purchased the previous version of the app – FM Quizillaa for FileMaker 17 and FileMaker 16 can continue to use it. Happy Learning! For more info. https://www.metasyssoftware.com/fm-quizilla
  2. It’s here! Addressing the demand from users from across the world, FM Quizillaa app is now released for Android! Now use your Android handset to practice for the FileMaker certification by downloading the FM Quizillaa app from the Google PlayStore. The new and improved FM Quizillaa app for Android has got an intuitive User Interface and gives better access to all the modules. So, Experience-Practice for the FileMaker 17 or 16 certification exam from anytime and anywhere! What the new FM Quizillaa app offers to the customers? • More Insightful Dashboard and Results page showcasing the performance through graphs and numbers • Enriched User Interface for a better experience of practice test. We would like to thank all users of previous versions of FM Quizillaa which was available only on iOS so far. Experience-practice by downloading the app from Google PlayStore! https://lnkd.in/f5QqRqY Happy Learning!
  3. MetaSys Software is a software services company which has got a large team of experienced and certified FileMaker developers, with experience in FileMaker 5 to FileMaker 17. We are trying to explain more about our products and services through this infographics. Click on the link below. https://my.visme.co/projects/vdy7z9kd-metasys-for-filemaker-infographic#.W7XweUYz9EM.linkedin To know more about our FileMaker products and services: https://www.metasyssoftware.com/filemaker
  4. FileMaker 17 is launched with the purpose of letting the users do more without spending much time. The new version also works towards its goal of letting the users do more with the FileMaker platform while they are on the go. To know some of it's most popular features read this article. https://www.metasyssoftware.com/blogs/filemaker/5-popular-features-introduced-filemaker-17
  5. MetaBiz is FileMaker based Multi-platform business management software for small and medium businesses. For more info - https://www.metasyssoftware.com/meta-biz MetaBiz.mp4
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