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  1. I have container fields in my DB which store MS Word files. These files act as templates which are modified and saved to a new file by 360Works Scribe One of these containers is misbehaving. I have 2 files, call them A and B. Depending on the context, either A or B is loaded into a global container field called gContainer2 Whatever I do, this field always contains file A, even though it says it contains file B. If I manually drag file B to the field, it shows an icon called file B, but if I export it again and open it, it is file A. By the way, this same process is used with another container field called gContainer1, which works perfectly. There is no difference in the attributes of the two fields. Any help much appreciated Pete
  2. Dear All, I am using FM to create a MS Word file from a template, via 360Scribe. That is all working fine. What I want to do is immediately open the Word doc once it's created. I've been trying with the Send Event script step. Initially I had 'file not found' error messages, but after tweaking the file path I no longer see those. However, the file still doesn't open. I'm using FMP Advanced 12, and MS Word 16.5, all on Mac OS 10.11. I've attached screen shots of the send event dialogs Thanks in advance Pete
  3. Hooray! it works. Thank you so much So what I did is ctrl-option-click the parent folder to get the path. Turns out that starting the path name with "/users..." did the trick, i.e. leaving off the "/Macintosh HD" part.
  4. Thanks. I changed it to "/Macintosh HD...", but it returned an error. Then I used "filemac:/Macintosh HD...." and it returned 1, which means it was successfully created. But still no folder (anywhere on the hard drive). I'm using FMP 12 Advanced. It might be time to upgrade...
  5. Update: the function has returned zero, which means it thinks the folder already exists
  6. Thanks so much. That has got rid of the syntax error. However the script seem to do anything, no error message. Is the 'set variable' command enough? Or does it need anything else. According to Scriptmaster it will return 1 or 0 depending on whether the folder already exists (it doesn't). see pic. P script.tiff sorry, attached now as jpeg
  7. Thanks. I tried that but got a syntax error - see pic
  8. Hi all, I am an amateur FM user with trying to achieve something fairly simple. I have a DB of clients. When I add a new client, I want to create a folder on my Mac named with the client's ID number. I have Scriptmaster, I have registered the create folder function, which now shows up in my list of functions. My problem is how to write the script to create the folder? Which script command would I use to deploy the function? Or am I missing something important? thanks in advance Pete
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