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  1. Hi, I am running version 17.0.2 and for a specific table, when I export to CSV what I get in the file is strange. This is what I get: Row 1 to 11 are almost right (but for strange characters like the A with a tilde). But then from 13 it's getting wild. At some point further down it's getting back Ok for a while and then it turns wild again. What is the explanation for that ? And strangely if I import into FileMaker it's Ok. Thanks
  2. Dave, your suggestion makes a lot of sense ! I will do it that way next time. Thanks for the great support.
  3. Dave, Yes, this answers my question. This was a preliminary question to another one. I will expose that question here, if you prefer that I create another thread I will do. I wonder if one can create a custom query in FMPerceptio ? Let me explain. I am going through systems that were created a long time ago and that needs to be reengineered in all the ways you can imagine. I have a case where a table has many repeating fields. I know I can export the list of fields for that table and then import back into FileMaker to do some analysis, but what I am missing is that I would like to know on which Layouts each of these field are displayed. I have done that by adding a field to a table I use to gather the interesting information, and then set the contents of those fields manually by looking at FMPerception and pasting into that field. Thing is that was quite a chore since I have 83 fields with repetitions. That would have been nice if I could get that information right inside FMPerception and the export to CSV and import in FileMaker. Thanks
  4. Hi, in the bottom pane where on gets the result of the query, there are two columns named User Defined 1, and User Defined 2. What are these columns used for ? My guess would be that we can defined the contents of these columns, so I searched but didn't find anything about that. Thanks
  5. Dave, yes it answers my question. So this menu choice is used to copy what's in the bottom pane as FileMaker objects to a FileMaker file. In this case that would be fields definitions. Is there some way to mark your post as the correct answer ?
  6. Hi Lee, here is a screen shot from FMPerception: On the top pane, I selected a file, a Table and ask for the list of fields for that Table. That List is displayed in the bottom pane. Then I selected all the fields and right clicked. As you can see one of the menu items is 'Copy for FileMaker'. My question is what's the use of that menu item ? Is the copy going into the clipboard or somewhere else ? And how can I paste the result inside FileMaker ? What I have done for now was to export to a .CSV file and imported this file into a new table in FileMaker. Thanks
  7. Hi, I am running version 17.0.2 - in demo mode for not but we will a buy a licence today. In the bottom pane I have a list of fields for a table and would like to get that list inside a FileMaker file. When I right-click on the list - all items are selected - I get a choice Calle Copy for FIleMaker. What do I get when picking this menu choice, and how can I paste in FileMaler ? Thanks
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