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  1. Hi, I am looking for a solution to help me add multiple line items from the "Add Line Items" popover on the estimates and invoices layout. What I would like to do is search for a subset of products in the popover, then add the line item without refreshing the popover each time an item is added. Currently, as I understand two scripts are running for this popover. (0930) Trigger | Refresh Search Estimates (Mouse & Touch) and (0930) Trigger | Refresh Search Estimates (Mouse & Touch) Could somebody please help me understand how I can adapt the scripts so that the search does not refresh. Very new to FM so any help much appreciated. Regards, Jake
  2. Hi Jonathan, My software version is 6.0.2AUKB. I have so far been unable to figure out why it isn't working as expected. The camera launches to scan barcodes in other layouts but won't on the estimates layouts Regards, Jake
  3. Hi, On the L370_ESTIMATES_Data_Entry layout on iPad I am having issues with the barcode scanning. When I touch the button it doesn't launch the camera app, it seems there may be some bug with the script 0983, does anybody know of a fix for this problem? Any help much appreciated. Regards, Jake
  4. Hi, I am new to FMSP and any help would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to add the product category field from table T15_products into the portal in the estimates and invoice layouts. I am unable to figure out which field, from which table, I need to include here to have this show. Could somebody please help me identify the correct field for this use? Thank you.
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