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  1. I am the user and I have full admin rights. I can connect using a SQL tool using my credentials without any issue. The error that I am getting doesn't seem to point towards a rights issue. The error is indicating a compatibility issue. I was hoping to find someone that has successfully connect to a 4D database through ODBC in FileMaker. There are very few details on the web. Thanks.
  2. I am using windows. The DNS shows up inside of FMP as it should. Within the ODBC manager in Windows I can test the connection and it is successful, so that all seems to be correct. It's after I add the external data source within FMP and then do to manage database to pull in the tables I get the error message. I have attached a couple of screen shots.
  3. Yes, I was able to connect and view the tables using RazorSQL.
  4. Tom, thanks for the input. I have the proper 64bit driver installed. FMP can load the 4D data source but is giving me an error when trying to view any of the tables.
  5. Does anyone have experience and/or success using a 4D database as an external datasource through ODBC. I can add the system DSN and add it to FMP. Once I attempt to view the tables in the 4D database, I receive an error that the "ODBC connection is not compatible". Does anyone have a work around or suggestions? Thanks!
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