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  1. FMP18 asking for password to open file, but FMP16 does not ask for password to open same file. Both have same user name in preferences. I don't know the password. Starting with FMP12, I have not had a need to use password protected files, and don't know how to resolve this problem.
  2. Here is the code. This $SavePath works when used in the Export. The $ListName is saved in the solution's folder. All attempts to add a subfolder to the solution folder and save to it have failed. I give up and will instruct the client to find the result file in the solution's folder.
  3. Topic was a little hard to follow, but in the end I did this: Set Variable [$FileName; value:List.xslx"] Set Variable [$Path; value:"filewin:" & get(DeskTopPath) & $FileName used $Path in export . $Path was Filewin:/C:/Users/VAC Membership/Desktop/List.xlsx Got file "file could not be created...." error Then used Menu and Export Records to successfully save records on Desk Top appearing as an icon. Two things are frustrating; not being able to copy and paste script steps outside of FM, and feeling like I am hopelessly the only person in the world with this
  4. I just tried the $SavePath = "filewin:/C:/list.xslx" and $SavePath = "C:/List.xsls". Both get the “List.xlsx could not be created on this disk” error. It seems that the Export script step won't save the file no matter how simple the path is, yet the manual export using the menu will. At this point, I don't have any alternative other than message the client to use the menu steps to save the results. This makes me and FM scripting look brain-dead to the client.
  5. I initially used Get(path) to find the folder that the solution file was in and then added the FMPstoredfiles folder and file name. This resulted in the same error message. The FMPstoredfiles folder is a subfolder in the folder containing the solution file. The relative path should work and does work on my development laptop with FM Advanced. The exact same script doesn't work on another laptop with plain FM, not Advanced.
  6. Tom, No it's not open. When export in script fails to save the file, I can immediately use export in the menu and save the open records in a file named List.xslx.
  7. On laptop running FMP Pro 16 Advanced these two script statements result in List.xlsx saved in directory FMPstoredfiles Set Variable [$SavePath; Value "FMPstoredfiles/" & “List” & ".xlsx"] Export Records [with dialog:off;"$SavePath"; Unicode (UTF-16)] On client laptop running FMP Pro 16 the same statements result is “List.xlsx could not be created on this disk” The FMPstoredfiles directory is there, not full, and not locked. Using the file menu Export Records will save List.xlsx in the FMPstoredfiles directory. Both laptops run Windows 10. The only difference
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