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  1. Steve, Thank you for your time and input. Without actually showing me where the issue is with the way I'm doing things it's difficult to learn to do better. I can't hire someone - that's why I'm asking the forum for help. This 'version' of my file is of one that started with Filemaker 8 so it's come a long way also. I'm sure there's ways to do things better and I do try when I'm shown. This old dog can learn new tricks when taught! That said I'd like to mark this as closed as I've figured out what was wrong with what I had already set up and have gotten it to work exactly like I wanted. I had a relationship id incorrect and I needed to add 2 more fields to connect the dates of my dues fields and such with the month/year on the attendance sheet so they showed only the data created during those months/years. I re-uploaded the corrected file. Specific advice and hand holding on anything is always greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jim Attendance.zip
  2. Lee, I am attaching a copy of my file. To create a record for the payment of dues and such you need to go to the Students Information layout and click the Payments tab. Click the New Payment button and click on what was paid - Dues, Clinic, Exam or ISKF. Then go back to the Main Menu and click on Print Attendance. This the layout I want that information to show. To change the Month and year of this layout you need to go to the Administration Menu and click on the Month and Year drop downs where it says Select - Month/Year. This runs a script that updates the information and takes you back to the Attendance layout. Hope this makes sense. I realize that by putting my file up for help it will also receive a lot of criticism for how it's created. I will take all and any help I can get. This file is used only by me and for a very small martial arts dojo that I own. It doesn't have to be fancy but it does need to be accurate! Thanks for everything, Jim
  3. Long winded but hopefully descriptive enough to describe my problem. I have the following Tables: Students Ledger Ledger_Chgs Ledger_Pay Ledger_Self They are connected as such Students table to Ledger table - StudentIdPk > StudentIdFk Students table to Ledger_Chgs table - StudentIdChgs > StudentIdChgs Students table to Ledger_Pay table - StudentIdPay > StudentIdPay Ledger_Self table to Ledger_Chgs table - StudentIdFk > StudentIdFk These are all used with a layout called Students. In my students layout I have a portal to Ledger_Pay (and Ledger_Chgs but that's not an issue) In this portal I can create a new record and record the students payments. This works really well. I also have 4 other text fields (DuesPaid, Clinic Paid, Exam Paid and ISKF paid) than I mark either Pd or leave blank when I take their dues or other payments. Here's my problem I have another layout (Attendance) not based on these tables but on TO's that shows the students name, attendance daily for the month and phone numbers. I also have text fields for the above mentioned text fields - DuesPaid, Clinic Paid, Exam Paid and ISKF paid that I have been filling in on this layout too. Double work and double the chance for a mistake. I can get the fields to show on this layout from the Ledger_Pay table but not for the correct month/year. When I script a FIND I can go to the Ledger Table and get the correct Month and Year using varibles based on g_Month and g_Year but when I go the the Attendance layout it always shows the last recorded created unless I sort differently. I want to be able to pull up these records for the correct month/year at any time, not just when the month is current. I'm not trying to get fancy financial software or complex book keeping, just to show the records created in one place to display in another. I do have the attendance table connected to a TO of the Ledger_Pay TO but can't get past what will probably be simple to most everyone but me. Thank you for any and all help, Jim
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