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  1. We have been using FM Books Connector for years without a hitch. Recently we Upgraded to Quickbooks Enterprise 2019, FM Books Connector v12, and FileMaker Pro Advanced 18 32bit. Every once in a while when we push to Quickbooks from Filemaker the invoice line items are showing blank in Quickbooks. We get the customer info in Quickbooks, and it sends back an invoice number to FileMaker. It only does this every now and again, so I know my scripts are working, nothing has changed with the scripts in a long time. We are running on Windows 10 Pro.
  2. When click "Authenticate to Outlook" I get a pop up but the profile just says Outlook no other options I click OK and I get: Outlook logon failed Error:8000FFFF ERROR:8000FFFF UNKNOWN MAPI ERROR Running Windows 10 Pro, Outlook 2016 32 bit, FileMaker 17 32 bit
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