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  1. NBS5000

    Scribe - PNG Image into PDF

    In case anyone else has this issue, the response from 360works: "I tested with your image and an additional image on the store build of Scribe and our Beta build and you are correct that transparency is not supported at this time. I will put in a feature request to our Scribe developer and hopefully that will find its way into the next store build. Thanks for bringing our attention to this issue!" Hopefully it'll be in a release soon.
  2. Hi all, I'm using trying to add an image to a PDF in Scribe, the process works well, however the image I'm using is a PNG with transparency. The image is stored in FM and the transparency is retained, if I export the field contents, it is retained too. When the image is added to the PDF, it loses the transparency, and the are replaced with white, which means I can't see what's under it. Has anyone else had this issue? Is it resolved/resolvable, or is this something where I need to find an alternative solution? Thanks

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