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  1. Hello Olger, Thank you very much for all of your guidance regarding the process to follow to combine files. I spent most of this afternoon giving it a try on a backed up version of Inventory. I tried migrating into it the least complex file I had (Market Data). It did work until I started looking at the scripts that would have to be modified to fit the new configuration. That's when I hit a road block which made me realize that if I ever attempted to integrated some of my more complex files into Inventory it would take a long time to accomplish. My business just can not stand to be p
  2. Hi Olger, Thank you for the suggestion of using "exit application". I just added it to my closing script and it worked very nicely closing all of the open files. Great! Another problem solved. Yes I see the wisdom of combining some of my files so that operating it/them on FM Go will be more seamless. Is there some easy way of consolidating say my market data file into my Inventory file without having to add all new market data field names into the Inventory file? Possibly by going to File > Manage > Database > Tables > Import > Market Data?
  3. Yes, occasionally I have given thought to the idea of merging some of my 11 separate files, but let me give you all some insight into why that hasn't happened. I started using FileMaker many years ago starting out with FMP 5. Prior to leaning about FM I had experience with DB2 and another program the name of which I have forgotten. It took me 14 months to create a very thorough, relational book database for my books, my customers, market data and shipping statements/invoice files. They were all separate, but related files. Through the years I have added more related files to keep track of
  4. Hello Comment, Thank you for your comments on my problems with this script issue. Before going further on the actual script I have to say that setting up a relationship between the files of Inventory and Web pages is not possible. One book in Inventory can have several different scripts in Web pages which access it. For example: a book by Robert Frost is accessed by the script for the individual page for Robert Frost as well as a more general page for books of poetry. Now, on to the specific script issue: I tried your suggestion (which makes perfectly good sense) so I created a scrip
  5. Olger, thank you for your kind note. I gave the Perform Script function a try. It started with: Perform Script [Specified by: Name ; ___ ; Parameter: ___ ] where I tried to fill in the blanks with the following parameters: Perform Script [Specified by: Name ; "Script name" ; Parameter: "Inventory.fmp12" ] which did not work. Perform Script [Specified by: Name ; "Script name::Web pages.fmp12" ; Parameter: "Inventory.fmp12" ] also did not work Perform Script [Specified by: Name; "Script name::Web pages.fmp12 ; Inventory.fmp.12"] did not work. At this point I
  6. I have great hopes that someone can help me...please. Although I am very new to this forum, I am a long time user of FileMaker products. I recently migrated from FMP 13 up to FMP 17 Advanced. In FMP 13 I was using a plug-in to allow me to open and run a script in another file. Unfortunately, that plug-in no longer works in FMP 17 as it is no longer supported and I was told that the new version of FileMaker allows users to perform all the functions that the plug-in previously offered. As a result, I have been trying to bring myself up to speed with FileMaker's new scripting methodology (wh
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