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  1. Thank you for the link, I have never done this before. It takes it about 30 seconds to go through and remove the checkmarks, but it does work. Thanks.
  2. Sorry but I am not understanding what you are saying, I am still new to FM. I have a query that takes all records that have been checked and then writes them to a PDF file which is then emailed out, which is awesome :-)! Then I simply need to uncheck the checked records, how is this not some simple line in a script?
  3. It is not a global field. I could easily do that and make it a global field it that will work. There will be less than records in the inventory field. So it is not a big database. When I make it a global field all of the records in that database become checked at once, so I DO NOT want global field. So how do I just clear all the records from being selected? I don't want to have to manually uncheck them each time.
  4. I have a script to email a list of selected items, which works great! But the check boxes stay checked after I run the query, how do I clear them?? With my other fields I simply do a Set field [inventory::Email_Info ; "" ] and it clears out the data, that doesn't appear to work with my checkbox field. This must be a simple fix to clear out all checks, but I can't figure it out, please help πŸ˜‰ THANKS!!!!
  5. I have a table that I need to push a button on and then it will copy data from a cell on another table. That table only has a signature that I need to copy on to this table. It should be so simple, but I can't get it straight. It keeps moving it, instead of coping it. So then next time I try to add the signature to another file it isn't there to add. Here is the simple script command I am using on the button to copy the signature picture from source "Signature_Director::Directors_Signature" to the destination "Subpoenas::Director_Signature". I simply want it to copy that picture fr
  6. I have a script that is going through data and counting how many times a word shows up. It is then taking that number and storing it to a global field. My question it when I display that field, example $$Masters_degree_nursing , how do I have it display that number with commas in it? This is how I have it showing the script results. I which I new a better way to make it look like a spreadsheet or something with lines in there, like an Excel spreadsheet.
  7. WHere do I put the Get (FoundCount) at ? I am searching on the internet and not finding any good examples.
  8. OK, I found a way to display/count the number of males and females without any duplicate records! Now how can I take that number and store it as a $$Global_field, so that I can display the results in a report. Ok, to get the number I simply created a Script that does the "Perform Find" function. Inside the perform find function I can filter out what I need to, to get the amount of males and females. Question is, can I take that total and put it into a Global field and display it? Right now I have a button to push in the report to activate the script and it then displays it, but
  9. So I did some googling and found the "Set Field" command. I am trying to push the numbers from the global variables over to the set field areas. Not quite working yet. I put them at the bottom of the script. When I click on my shortcut block to execute the script I get a strange square like icon that pops up, and nothing happens. I have a Macintosh machine, I don't know if that is supposed to be like an hourglass or what, but I seem to get nothing. 😑 I tried to capture how it looks, but I obviously can't. I feel like I am so close to getting the ******
  10. Ok, I did that, and thanks for clarifying it by the way!!, and nothing is popping up. I was hoping to click the button, run the script, and it would count the numbers for me of how many males and females we have. the $males and $Females total. Could I make $males and $females global and just show their numbers?? πŸ˜‰
  11. ?? Thanks for your help first of all!!! But could you please be more precise? Remember, I am a rookie, πŸ™‚ . I don't see where it says to go to the last record, and where I would put "Exit after Last" turned on . SORRY, could you give example, or tell me where to put that?? I am google searching now..
  12. It is supposed to go through that WordForceData table and count how many times when the field Gender = Male and the field Question_ID =q-000631 WorkForceData::Gender = "Male" and WorkForceData::Quesiton_ID = "Q-000631" I just ran it and It looks like it is locked up, won't stop running.
  13. If [WorkForceData::Gender = "Male" and WorkForceData::Quesiton_ID = "Q-000631"] $Male + 1 ^^ Could that work, $Male of course being a variable. I am going to give this a try πŸ™‚
  14. Can you use & when doing and IF statement? If WorkForceData::Gender = "Male" & WorkforceData::Question_ID = "Q-000631"
  15. I have a database that was imported from an Excel spreadsheet. It has rows of repetitive data in it. I simply need to do some query searches in it to pull the data out. Users where asked questions, and obviously there are answers. Each question has a unique label on it πŸ˜€, and each user has a unique ID NumberπŸ˜€! So my question(s) is, how do I get both fields, QUESTION_ID and RN_NUMBER to both come up to show me the question and answer? Do I create a script that has in "IF" statement and then another "IF" statement inside of that ??
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