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  1. So get this,,,,,,,, I remote into the FileMaker server and through the Admin Console shutdown the databases. I then start up FileMaker Pro from the server, load the program, and I can export the data without any problems! This is driving me nuts!!!!! Something happens when I connect to the database remotely that doesn't allow me to access those files.
  2. Ok well thanks. I am still very new to FM, and I love it, it's just so frustrating cleaning up other peoples databases!! As I am sure you know. THey should of set this database up to save the attached documents and pictures outside of it from the beginning.
  3. Yes, I am sure that I did this correctly, as far as the data coming out of the database and being stored separately. I am not sure what you are trying to get from the getconainerattribute command? I am still new to filemaker, so I looked that command up. It looks like that is used to return text number, time date, etc.... I need to return actual files that have be put into these records, pdf's and stuff. I am sure that the database can still see this files, because it also displays them in the media windows, which are in the first picture I put up there. I am not sure why it sees the external data, but doesn't want to export them. Thanks.
  4. Hello again everyone 🙂 We have a big database that keeps track of several records that people scan and attach files to. Example, a court case and people scan in a police report, or drug tests, etc...... That database is setup to simple click on a button and it will export that data by using the "Export Field Contents" command on a button. It has been working fine for years.............. But the database file has gotten bigger, and BIGGER throughout the past 10 years!!! So they asked me to find a way to export our data, pdf's, pictures, etc.. outside the database. Which I did 🙂 . But now when I click on the button to export the data, NOTHING happens 😞 . I am not sure what has changed or is missing. Our screen still shows that the data is there, but the export port buttin isn't working. I have added new data to a field by importing a pdf, and it right away allows me to export it. So only old data isn't exporting. You guys/gals have any ideas?? I will attach some pics. Below our pictures to help describe and show you what changes have been made. I am clueless as to how the old attachments files aren't popping up to be exported when I click on the export file button. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Below is a picture of the simple "Export File" button. It simply runs this script. And if you click on CIE::Record_1 it simply shows what is below. And below is what "Record_1" is now. I changed it so that the data is storseparatelyaly from the actuall database, which is awesome and has shrunk it, but does no good if we can't retrieve the data.
  5. The table has no child/grandchild records. The operating system is Mojave, the version on the Macs is Filemaker 15, on the server it is FM 13. I copied the database to my Mac and tried to delete these files also, and that took the same amount of time.
  6. We are only wanting to delete certain records. Mainly ones that are older than two years.
  7. Hello again everyone! I have a hopefully quick and easy question. Our database has a lot of older records that need to be deleted. When we did a search for these records, and told the system to delete all of them, it seems to take FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These 25,281 records would take well over two, or three hours at that rate it is going, and that is only one month of records 😞 . We are simply searching for them, and then selecting, "delete found records". I have tried creating a query to delete all shown records, and had the same results. Is there any quick way to delete a lot of records? THey are NOT associated with any other table in the database either. And here is the script I wrote for this. THANKS!!
  8. Yes, I am programming it on my Mac, and then have this layout setup for Ipad. So I am scanning the barcodes with the Ipad using Filemaker Go, which I LOVE!
  9. This is what I have in the script right now. It is pulling up the camera for the barcode, and it is searching and pulling up inventory, but it is not the correct inventory area.
  10. That is a good video and instructions he gives on that site, but I do not need to create bar codes from google. I simply need to scan the barcodes on the devices, store it and then do a search with the barcode I scanned. I can't seem to figure that out. Thanks.
  11. I have a database that stores compuerts, printers, etc... Each device has two different barcodes on them, our companies, and the serialnumber that it came from. I have been successful in using our Ipads to scan the barcodes and put them into the system as numbers and letters, no problem. Now I would like to have a search button that scans a barcode and then takes that barcode number and searches for it in the database. I am confused on how to do this. I know how to scan the barcode and get the number, but I don't know how to do a search for it?? I created a global field in the database to store the scanned code. But I don't know how to save that and do a search throughout the database for it? Thanks!
  12. I have two versions of FMP open at the same time to test doing updates, and make instructions on how to do the updates at the same time. On a MAC you simply open up the terminal and type this, open -n "/applications/filemaker pro 16/filemaker pro.app" That will open up another version of FMP. Enjoy!
  13. I have been assigned a job to update/fix some problems with a FM Database that was created years ago by someone else. I have it all setup, except for one, simple problem. In the layout, it is set to show a person's name, address, zip, state city and phone number. The problem is that not everyone has a phone number listed. So if they don't have a phone number, the sentence will end like this "Stephens, ." If they do have a phone number it is, "Stephens, 544-545-5444". Is there a way to remove the comma if they do not have a phone number listed??? Below is an exact copy of that data they have typed in. They pull that data out of the database and then the piece of paper gets printed off. The "," after the <<i_name>> is what is causing the problem (yes I enlarged it). <<i_name>>, <<i_pobox>> <<i_city>>, <<i_state>> <<i_zip>> OR DELIVER IN PERSON TO <<i_name>>, <<i_phone>>.
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