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  1. I have what I think is a SIMPLE problem.............. I have a big data base and I simply need a button that displays a picture of a signature when it is pushed. I have it setup to do that, and it works, however you have to be mapped into that are that the signature is located in order for it to work. Is there a way to have this picture of the signature stored inside the database so I don't even have to have a mapping to the network area?? This first picture is the script I have setup for the button when it is pushed. The field it is pulling it from is a "container" field. But eah time to have to be mapped to the folder where it is stored. There has to be a better way! Please help, thanks! :-)
  2. I have a script that is going through data and counting how many times a word shows up. It is then taking that number and storing it to a global field. My question it when I display that field, example $$Masters_degree_nursing , how do I have it display that number with commas in it? This is how I have it showing the script results. I which I new a better way to make it look like a spreadsheet or something with lines in there, like an Excel spreadsheet.
  3. WHere do I put the Get (FoundCount) at ? I am searching on the internet and not finding any good examples.
  4. OK, I found a way to display/count the number of males and females without any duplicate records! Now how can I take that number and store it as a $$Global_field, so that I can display the results in a report. Ok, to get the number I simply created a Script that does the "Perform Find" function. Inside the perform find function I can filter out what I need to, to get the amount of males and females. Question is, can I take that total and put it into a Global field and display it? Right now I have a button to push in the report to activate the script and it then displays it, but I would like to display both totals, for male and females, on the same page at once. Thanks again gentlemen πŸ™‚
  5. So I did some googling and found the "Set Field" command. I am trying to push the numbers from the global variables over to the set field areas. Not quite working yet. I put them at the bottom of the script. When I click on my shortcut block to execute the script I get a strange square like icon that pops up, and nothing happens. I have a Macintosh machine, I don't know if that is supposed to be like an hourglass or what, but I seem to get nothing. 😑 I tried to capture how it looks, but I obviously can't. I feel like I am so close to getting the ******* count of how many Male and Females there is. After that, boom it opens up the door for me to understand how to do all of these ******* queries!
  6. Ok, I did that, and thanks for clarifying it by the way!!, and nothing is popping up. I was hoping to click the button, run the script, and it would count the numbers for me of how many males and females we have. the $males and $Females total. Could I make $males and $females global and just show their numbers?? πŸ˜‰
  7. ?? Thanks for your help first of all!!! But could you please be more precise? Remember, I am a rookie, πŸ™‚ . I don't see where it says to go to the last record, and where I would put "Exit after Last" turned on . SORRY, could you give example, or tell me where to put that?? I am google searching now..
  8. It is supposed to go through that WordForceData table and count how many times when the field Gender = Male and the field Question_ID =q-000631 WorkForceData::Gender = "Male" and WorkForceData::Quesiton_ID = "Q-000631" I just ran it and It looks like it is locked up, won't stop running.
  9. If [WorkForceData::Gender = "Male" and WorkForceData::Quesiton_ID = "Q-000631"] $Male + 1 ^^ Could that work, $Male of course being a variable. I am going to give this a try πŸ™‚
  10. Can you use & when doing and IF statement? If WorkForceData::Gender = "Male" & WorkforceData::Question_ID = "Q-000631"
  11. I have a database that was imported from an Excel spreadsheet. It has rows of repetitive data in it. I simply need to do some query searches in it to pull the data out. Users where asked questions, and obviously there are answers. Each question has a unique label on it πŸ˜€, and each user has a unique ID NumberπŸ˜€! So my question(s) is, how do I get both fields, QUESTION_ID and RN_NUMBER to both come up to show me the question and answer? Do I create a script that has in "IF" statement and then another "IF" statement inside of that ??
  12. I want to get a count/total for each of the questions these people were asked. One of them just happens to be what Gender are they, what Ethnicity are they, etc.... I just need to take that data and create pie charts. All of this data is imported from an Excel file into FileMaker Pro, roughly 50 questions per person, and about 1,500 people. 1. Each question has a unique question ID. 2. Each person has a Unique ID So I need to find a way to take each person's answer to each question and get total. For Example: This gets me the total number of times "Male" appears, but I need to make it unique to the field of RN_Answers::QUESTION_ID = Q-034496. ValueCount ( FilterValues ( RN_Answers::sListGender ; "Male" ) )
  13. Sorry that I am losing you!!!!! Each question has a unique ID number. So basically under filtered values I would like to add a third value, which it won't let me, or I just can't figure it out. (RN_Answers::QuestionID; "Q-034496") is What I need to add, so it is referring to this quesiton_ID. didn't work either. ValueCount ( FilterValues ( ( FilterValues (RN_Answers::sListGender & RN_Answers::QuestionID ; "Q-034496") & (RN_Answers::sListofAllQuestions; "Male" ) ) )
  14. I don't understand your reply? They have Unique Id's, but they appear several times over in the rows for each question they asked. I found that each question has a unique ID and that is what I need to use to help with the totals. Unique_Question_ID per each RN_Number
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