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  1. I have two versions of FMP open at the same time to test doing updates, and make instructions on how to do the updates at the same time. On a MAC you simply open up the terminal and type this, open -n "/applications/filemaker pro 16/filemaker pro.app" That will open up another version of FMP. Enjoy!
  2. I have been assigned a job to update/fix some problems with a FM Database that was created years ago by someone else. I have it all setup, except for one, simple problem. In the layout, it is set to show a person's name, address, zip, state city and phone number. The problem is that not everyone has a phone number listed. So if they don't have a phone number, the sentence will end like this "Stephens, ." If they do have a phone number it is, "Stephens, 544-545-5444". Is there a way to remove the comma if they do not have a phone number listed??? Below is an exact copy of that data they have typed in. They pull that data out of the database and then the piece of paper gets printed off. The "," after the <<i_name>> is what is causing the problem (yes I enlarged it). <<i_name>>, <<i_pobox>> <<i_city>>, <<i_state>> <<i_zip>> OR DELIVER IN PERSON TO <<i_name>>, <<i_phone>>.
  3. Comment man I love you!!!! AWESOME Job helping me. IT WORKS! At least I think so. It is going in to test mode. So people will be logging into it and trying it out. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I have been on vacation and now I am back with a fresh start on it. I am going to look carefully at your program and see if I can get it to work. Thanks!
  5. How do I tell FM to COPY the data instead of linking it directly to the data? Do I need to create a script to copy the selected object? How/where does the Target::Copy go????
  6. yes it does, and thanks for sending it. I am going to look it over tomorrow and see if I can figure out how to do that. I don't have a global field, and things like . yours does. I have only been using filemaker pro for a few months, and there is a lot to learn! Thanks for you help. I will try some more tomorrow at work. This is something I need to learn!
  7. Target::Copy is exactly what I want to do. I am not sure how to do that? The list is a pull down menu and I was hoping that when the users chooses the correct field it "copies" it over to the box on the left.
  8. I am not sure I understand "Comment". I see that you have find mode checked and I don't, and also I have include quick find field checked and you don't. Is either one of those causing my issue?
  9. Ok, I think you did what I want to do. So I need to make my drop down list global, I am still confused though, the more I think about it. 1. They need to pick the "Suggested Verbiage" they want. 2. Then it needs to copy over the verbiage that is associated with the Title they picked it from. So I am not sure if what you kindly showed me is what I need? I want them to hit the pop up box and select the data to be copied into there and it not effect the source from the list. I feel like I am soooooooooo close. Here is your file's data, and below is mine. How can I make it so when they choose their selection it simply copy and pastes the correct choice into the box? My Database
  10. I want users to be able to select a Title from the drop down menu, and it then fills the text box in with the data they picked. Which it does. But I want it to copy the data into the new document. Right now once you choose something from the drop down list the data appears in the box, but what ever you type into that box it also changes the data from the menu choices. I just need it to simply copy the data over to the box. I will do some research on "lookup" and see if I can get that to work. Thanks a lot!
  11. I have a simple problem, I hope 😉 . I have a table that I created that shows 5 different possibilities. I have a drop down list in a table that users will pick, and it will take their choice and fill in two paragraphs with the data they chose. The problem is when they type to edit those paragraphs, it also changes the main data from the list. I want the drop down list to simply COPY the choice they chose into the boxes. What am I doing wrong????? Please help!! 🙂
  12. We have both a TEST FM server and the Main FM server. I have been working on the test server to create some new features in a database we run on FM. Once those are tested there will be a, Layouts, Value lists, scripts and many other things... I was wondering if there is an easy way to transfer the layouts and other devices to the Main server? I that there is "Sharing" under the file menu, but I am not sure if I can import just options that I have created? Does anyone know an easy way to import new tested items into the main server?? Or am I going to have to re-type it all into the main server? THANKS!
  13. I ended up creating a new button all together and then just had the user rights put on that. It is working fine now. Now I have to figure out how to copy everything from my test database, to the real database. I need to copy, or re-write this stuff onto the actual live database. Can I just export databases, value scripts, and tables on to the new database? I might create a new question on this one. Thanks again for all of you help guys!
  14. ^^ Thanks for your input. We are running this on a macintosh network, and we added users on our mac server to a group called, CIENEW_Subpoena_RW, and we want those people to have obviously read and write access to the Subpoena form area. Basically this data goes on a button where you go to enter data, and we only want people that belong to the group CIENEW_Subpoena_RW, and administrators to have access to it. Maybe there is a completely different better way?
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