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  1. I FIGURED IT OUT! I feel like I just won the lottery! Left ( RightWords ( Software_Inventory::FullName; 1) ; 4 ) & "Welcome1!"
  2. I have figured out how to narrow it down to only the last name, RightWords ( Software_Inventory::FullName ; 1 ) Now I just need the first four letters of the right name......
  3. I have a table that we are going to use to create a users password and store some information in. I would simply like to take the first for digits of the user's last name and add that onto a word to create their password. I have been searching and can't seem to find a way of doing this? The data column that has the user's name has both their First and Last name in it. So simply put. John Smith would have a password of smitWelcome1! How can this be done?? And thanks a lot for your help!
  4. I accidentally figured it out by trying different commands. This is what I needed. "Running Count" command!!!!!
  5. Hello everyone! This site is awesome and I just joined it. I have a probably SIMPLE question. I just need a column in that keeps count of the records. Very simple, but I can't figure it out, or find the exact formula to use. Here is an example of the formula in the first column, "NO #". I just want to column to start at 1, and continue on at each record. I already have the records in the system, and just want to label them show when I print it out it looks nice like this. THANKS!
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