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  1. Just wondering if you can explain how the portals are set up please? Can't get them to work. I have attached a pic of my setup. Thanks.
  2. Great. Thanks for the explanation 😀
  3. Can I jump in here and ask which keys are the primary keys for the advisors and students in Wim's solution please?
  4. I have a client layout which displays one client per page. Each client has several phone numbers (home, work, mobile). I created a separate table for phone numbers (one to many) connected by the clientID. The phone table has ID, clientFK, type (mobile, home, work), and number. I created a portal on the client page to display the various numbers for each client. It works ok. I then created a Client list. Can I display a specific number from the phone list on the portal?? Thanks for any assistance.
  5. Sorry but still having a problem with this. I have tried several methods to remove the employee from the portal but not delete the child record, but having no success. Would you mind having a look at the example file please?? CompanyEmployee.fmp12
  6. Thanks Comment. That clears this up for me.
  7. I have tried to find the answer to this but cannot. I have a HOUSE Table (parent) and an OCCUPANT Table (child). I have a portal on the HOUSE layout showing the occupants for a particular house. When I delete the occupant, it also deletes the occupants record!! I do not have the delete box checked in the edit relationship dialogue box. I have attached the file. Thanks for any assistance. HouseOccupantExampleForumQ.fmp12
  8. I have a 'Jobs To Do' file. In it I create a job and assign it to people who are listed in a portal. I have a dwindling VL on the portal which ensures the same person cannot be assigned to the same job twice. What I am trying to do is to ensure a person is only assigned to one job. ATM when I create a new job, the list displays all people including those who already have a job. Can anyone assist with this please?? I have attached the file. Thanks. DWINDLING TEXT FIELD FOR FORUM.fmp12
  9. The problem I have is probably a very basic error. I can create the dropdown list in the portal OK, but when I add a second student and select a sport it created a duplicate of that sport in the sport table!! I have attached the file. Thanks for any advice. StudentSportForumQuestion.fmp12
  10. I have a STUDENTS (parent), and SPORTS (child) table. The relationship id STUDENTS_ID in the STUDENTS table, to STUDENTS_FK in the SPORTS table. I have a SPORTS portal in the STUDENTS table showing the sport name. Can I make the sport field in the portal a dropdown list to select various sporta for various students?? Thanks.
  11. I have a portal showing total sales in a summary field outside the portal. I have duplicated this portal and filtered it to show sales > $100. How can I show the total sales from the filtered portal in a field outside the portal please. Thanks for any assistance.
  12. Thank you. I will give that a go. 😀
  13. I have a shopping list app for personal use. On the MacBook it works fine. I have a global search field which searches through the list of existing items. I have a script trigger (On Object Modify) on the field which allows a 'type ahead' search when each letter is entered. On the phone in FileMaker Go, the keyboard drops off the screen and then reappears when I type each letter. Pretty disconcerting to use. Is there anyway to stop this please?? I have attached the script I use for the type ahead. Thanks.
  14. OK. That helps me understand this. Thanks.
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