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  1. Thanks very much for this information. Helps heaps 😀
  2. I have a simple database with two tables; Owners and Pets. One owner can have many pets. The pets table also has the field for type, such as dog or cat. I am having problems creating a portal to display just the dog owners. Have tried various things including a field with the word "Dog" hard wired into it with an = to type on the other side of the relationship. Any help would be appreciated please. I have attached my database. Pets 190802.fmp12
  3. Not sure I thanked you guys for your help. Sorry for the delay but your advice assisted me immensely.
  4. Thanks for that. I did the validate as 'not empty' and that does fix the problem, but as you say not a great user experience. I will work on that. Thanks again. Greg
  5. The add button is to add the task to the db. But if I decide not to add it and press the menu button it add the blank task.
  6. Thanks for that advice. Just to clarify, the below image is where I add a task. My problem is that if I hit the menu button from this page without filling out a task (perhaps I decided not to do it), I get a blank entry as in the next picture. I would like to have that blank task delete if there is noting in it. Thanks for any help you can give.
  7. I have a list with three fields of data. The first is 'task', and the next two have autofills for 'not urgent' and 'incomplete. If the task field is empty I would like the record to automatically delete. I have messed about with 'IF (isempty)' but having no success. Any assistance would be appreciated please.
  8. Thanks for your help. Still struggling and I think I have messed up my question. I will start again and thanks for any further help. You must get sick of we novices asking what no doubt are simple problems. I have created a new simple demo file called 'CardsMyExample' and uploaded it. It has two tables TYPE (eg. MasterCard), and CARDS. My thinking is one Card Type (Mastercard) can have many users (Lyn, Greg, etc). That is the relationship I have created. But when I add a new record on the CARDS layout and select Mastercard from the Type dropdown list (which is the only option so far) I keep getting new unwanted entries as seen below. Just cannot work this out!!! CardsMyExample.fmp12
  9. Here it is. Thanks very much. Greg Cards.fmp12
  10. Hi everyone. No doubt this probably has a simple fix but I just can't work it out. I have 2 tables; CARDS and TYPE. The TYPE table simply has a PK and a 'type' field. The CARDS table has several fields and is the child to the type table (one TYPE can have many CARDS). My data entry is on the CARDS table which has a dropdown TYPE field related to the TYPE table. Problem is when I enter a new card and use one of the dropdown type options such as LYNDA, the LYNDA entry duplicates in the TYPE table. I end up with numerous LYNDA's and other entries. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  11. Thanks very much for your help. I got a few good tips from your suggestion.
  12. Fantastic. Worked just how I wanted. Thanks for your help.
  13. I have a list (not in a portal) and a button at the end of each row. The button is to delete the entry if required. The button shows up on every list entry and clutters up the look. How can I get the button to only show for the selected record in the list please? Thanks.
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