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  1. I am using the id and parent_id fields above on the right to link related trades. The 2 parent_id's in this case are the result of selling the 1 id buy. Now I am trying to do a search for the id (all UUID's) and the parent_id's that are the same. I want to isolate the 3 transactions as 1 completed trade. I have ended up with the below script, but it does not work and returns no matching results. the individual set fields return the correct results but not when I combine them. Can anyone assist please?? 210512.fmp12
  2. That works. Thanks very much for your advice.
  3. I am having a problem getting the above field to work on the sub-summary part. There are 2 summary fields (TotalAmtOn, and TotalAmtOff) which display as expected. The other field (with 3000 in it) is CurrentHolding and should display the amount left when TotalAmtOn, and TotalAmtOff and summed. So the 3000 should be 2000 in the abpve example. The same problem is in the $49000 field?? Any assistance will be appreciated please. Trades Temp.fmp12
  4. Thank Comment. I will give that a go
  5. Hi. I am trying to create a simple single user DB to record purchasing and selling shares. I will have a table for companies, and one for holdings (open trades). So when I buy a number of shares from a company, it will be recorded the holdings table. When I sell those shares I want to link the sale record to the purchase record, and have the details recorded in another table called completed trades. The record in the holding table will disappear as well because they are no longer a current holding. My question is, does this require the 3 tables or am I on the wrong track??
  6. Sorry for my poor explanation. I buy and sell shares in various companies. Sometimes I will buy and sell the same company several times over a period. What I meant by "a transaction can apply to many companies" was that I might buy 5 companies (5 x buy orders). I often have trouble working out my relationship graph. Perhaps I over think it. Here I was thinking that a company can have many orders, and an order can apply to many companies. Therefore TRANSACTION >> join << COMPANIES.
  7. Thanks for the reply. The DB is for my use only and not for a number of shareholders. I started by thinking that I needed a join table between companies and transactions because each company can be bought and sold many times, and a transaction can apply to many companies. companies >> join << transactions Would this be right?? Thanks.
  8. I want to design a database to record the purchase and sale of shares including dividends. I can't even get past stage 1!!! In my mind I would have a company table, a holdings table, and a transactions table. But I cannot figure out how to wire this up?? I have attached my attempt. Can anyone please give me a kick start?? Thanks. Trades 210223 Copy.fmp12
  9. Just wondering if you can explain how the portals are set up please? Can't get them to work. I have attached a pic of my setup. Thanks.
  10. Great. Thanks for the explanation 😀
  11. Can I jump in here and ask which keys are the primary keys for the advisors and students in Wim's solution please?
  12. I have a client layout which displays one client per page. Each client has several phone numbers (home, work, mobile). I created a separate table for phone numbers (one to many) connected by the clientID. The phone table has ID, clientFK, type (mobile, home, work), and number. I created a portal on the client page to display the various numbers for each client. It works ok. I then created a Client list. Can I display a specific number from the phone list on the portal?? Thanks for any assistance.
  13. Sorry but still having a problem with this. I have tried several methods to remove the employee from the portal but not delete the child record, but having no success. Would you mind having a look at the example file please?? CompanyEmployee.fmp12
  14. Thanks Comment. That clears this up for me.
  15. I have tried to find the answer to this but cannot. I have a HOUSE Table (parent) and an OCCUPANT Table (child). I have a portal on the HOUSE layout showing the occupants for a particular house. When I delete the occupant, it also deletes the occupants record!! I do not have the delete box checked in the edit relationship dialogue box. I have attached the file. Thanks for any assistance. HouseOccupantExampleForumQ.fmp12
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