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  1. Wim, I'm not sure I can find it. In the meantime, is it possible to scrape data from a website using FM?
  2. Gents, there is a price list in Excel with images embedded. Do you have an idea how to import those records into DB with corresponding images preserved? Note that I've attached only two records, there are 600 of them. Any manual manipulations with the images is not an option. price.xlsx
  3. sure it works! my fault: I used the wrong field to copy from... thanks a lot!
  4. that's what I get when use the link above. That's odd if you get a different result.
  5. Wim it's not a picture, I don't know why. Though, the link says it's a picture. Any ideas?
  6. yeah, a new table. What steps should I follow?
  7. Hi Wim, the source URL points directly to the picture of the product. If you follow the link you'll get the picture itself. Here is the link: https://www.donballon.ru/upload/storage/catalog/large/656265/ebeceb21_6546_11e6_9617_005056c00008.jpg
  8. Gents, I have an excel price list with header fields. I want to import it into a newly created FM database. Is it possible to make FM use those header fields instead of me manually creating corresponding fields in FM?
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