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  1. Ocean West, I am positive that my question is too simple to be more deeply explained. I go seek help in forum once I am stuck and can’t move forward. Besides, thanks for the video.
  2. Dear Comment, let’s start from the beginning. What is that you don’t understand? How can we shift from arguing to shoving a problem?
  3. Dear Comment, I appreciate your sense of humor. Why don't you just help me to find the answer?
  4. Gents, attached is a simple product order app. It's aim to collect different prices and make an order. I'd like to be able to use a drop down list feature in order to pick the product based on Group and Subgorup. Thanks in advance. order.fmp12
  5. Hi, what means "sign up for google API"?
  6. I use Location function to get the current location coordinates. How can I go further and display a map on the layout based on those coordinates?
  7. I want to use a conditional value list in two tables: Prices and Merchandise. Hope this helps.
  8. Gents, would you please inspect the attached file. The conditional value list I made is not working properly on layout - Prices. I'd appreciate if somebody can point me to some resource to help me understand how conditional values list work and is being consturcted. price collector.fmp12
  9. since regex is free, I suggest we continue with the first example. So, how regex can help here?
  10. Unfortunately, I don’t have such a plugin to solve my issue, that’s why I simplified the task in order to get a simple solution.
  11. ok, what if we simplify the task. I've attached a new file. Thanks price.fmp12
  12. Gents, is it possible to ask Filemaker to extract volume and weight data from the Naming field and put it into corresponding fields? price.fmp12
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