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  1. Hi I have been provided several .fmp12 files with the intention of making searchable to the public via a website. My initial post was at (linked) which got me to this post. My plan is to export the data as csv, create tables on the website database and write a search form to interrogate those tables. Is this the best method for getting filemaker databases on to the web? The original owner of the files is using FM12 on a likley old Mac OS version. I am on Mojave hence using FM 17 Trial as FM12 does not work on my OS version. A couple of his files contain images for each record, he is using Layout: Input. Exporting directly from this view does not give me all of the information. Changing the view to Al by Item gives me a little more but not all and the image is referenced as 'Photo File' and not the image filename which I would need to show the image on the web front end. Can anyone help? Thanks
  2. You my friend are awesome, the files are opening. A couple of the files contain images and are viewed as Layout: Input with the photo in the center. I changed the layout to 'All by item' but the data isn't there. I will move my further questions to the v17 forum, thank you for getting me there.
  3. Aha thank you. Downloading the latest trial version now. If I could convince him to run more modern version of filemaker, do you know whether there are charity prices?
  4. Thank you for your reply. I am on Mac OS 10.14.1 (Mojave), I know the historian is also on Mac but unsure which version. Opening filemaker I get the message "This application has been installed incorrectly or modified by another program. Please run the Installer to get a fresh copy of the application after determining the cause." I have never had filemaker on this machine prior to the version I downloaded on the original post. Trying to open his .fmp12 file I receive the same message. Seems to be an install issue atm Is my plan of exporting as csv and importing this in to a maria database the best method for getting his database on the website?
  5. FYI I tried to add this to the Filemaker community page but don't think it worked hence adding here also. I have been tasked with creating a website for a charity, part of the website will be a searchable archive of all of their historic data. This data is stored in Filemaker Pro 12 on the historians machine. He has provided me with 4 .fmp12 files, I downloaded a trial version that I found here http://www.filemaker.com/redirects/ss.html?file=PRO12MAC however none of his files will open. The website runs on Wordpress which is php based, the database is a maria database although I am happy to use whatever method I need to get this data on to the website and searchable. I was expecting to open the files in the trial version, export as csv and create and import in to the maria database. Is this possible with filemaker, do you think I would be better downloading a trial of the latest version, will his files open ok in the latest version? Unfortunately I have no experience of filemaker so am struggling a little. Thanks for any advice anyone may be able to provide.
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