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  1. Hi Bcooney, I use filemaker 7, client runs windows 7 32 bit; server is on windows 2003. // KSN
  2. Hi Fitch - Thanks for your response! I have unprotected the file and set to no password, I still cannot work with ScriptMaker. I've also tried to import unprotected file into newly created database, NO GO. I dont know how to proceed. I shall check the ODBC settings. Thanks again. // Krishnan S
  3. Hi, Good Day! I'm quite new to the world of FileMaker, I have a database file fp7 whilst trying to update its contents i get ODBC error. File is hosted by filemaker 7 server. I was able to get that file unprocted still i cant update contents. ScriptMaker and all other features are greyed-out. At this point i have no clue - could you please help me. Thank you kindly. // KSN
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