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  1. Hello, Since 2 days, we have more and more java instance, after few hours we have lot of java process, and the plugins crash (see disable in the admin console) I need to restart fmse, and in admin console re-active the plugins. FMS18, SM 5.2, JAVA 8 (1.8.0) WIN SERVER 2016 (We have 2 cron task using SM, the first every 3 min and the other one every 8 min ) Do you have any issue ? Thanks for your help.
  2. My research is progressing. I uninstalled and re-installed all the components. The behaviour you describe works. However, the ScribeDocLoad function always returns 1 even when the path does not exist. For the moment, I have re-modified all my scripts with behavior #1, hopefully it will be stable over time:). My problem is solved. Thanks !
  3. Sorry for my english, i will try to clarify #1 Since few years, i start with : ScribeDocLoad("//192.168.x.x/forder1/file1.xlsx ") and end with Scribedocsavefile("//192.168.x.x/forde2r/file2.xlsx") without problem. #2 Since few months (maybe after an update, i don't remember exactly sorry) all off my scribe's scripts were broken. I've found a solution with this modifications : Copy.File from //192.168.x.x/forder1/file1.xlsx to //192.168.x.x/forde2r/file2.xlsx and ScribeDocLoad("//192.168.x.x/forder2/file2.xlsx ") and end with Scribedocsavefile("") without problem. Now the script #2 doesn't work on FMserver (But the script #2 still works on local machine) So i had tried to do ScribeDocLoad("//192.168.x.x/forder2/file2.xlsx ") and end with Scribedocsavefile("//192.168.x.x/forde2r/file2.xlsx") On the local machine, Scribe Crash, i need to kill filemaker and JAVA process On the FMserver, Scribe Crash, I need to reboot totaly the server. i hope that you can understand
  4. Hello, I have a problem with the scribe's plug-ins, When i run and modify .xlsx from a windows folder, the step's script Scribedocsavefile("") don't work properly i do : - ScribeDocLoad( "//192.168.x.x/forder/file.xlsx") //return 1 - Write values.... //return 1 each scribe's step - ScribeDocSaveFile ("") //return file:/C:/Users/CHRIST~1/AppData/Local/Temp/file.xlsx When i run this script on local machine, the file "//192.168.x.x/forder/file.xlsx" is modified, all is good. When i run this script remote from server, the file "//192.168.x.x/forder/file.xlsx" is not modified, (but the file in temp folder is modified). when i was on FMserver 16, with previous version of scribe, all scribe's script worked fine 😕 Thanks for your help !
  5. Thank you, I just installed both plug-ins, deleted the temp folder, and restarted the server. I'll keep you informed!
  6. Thank you very much for your answer Indeed, the server is rarely restarted. Server's sheduled scripts, open and close regularly may explain the endless copies...
  7. Hello, Since I switched from FM16 to FM17, I have had problems with Scribe and ScripMaster plug-ins... (I have downloaded the latest versions available on the site.) The first problem was crash of plug-ins, same problem as here : I downloaded the beta version of scribe proposed in this topic, since the plug-ins are stable. But another problem appears, the temporary folder keeps getting bigger and bigger... Yesterday I noticed that I had more than 400 copies of the plug-ins in this folder (more than 48GB!). So I stopped FM services yesterday, delete all element in temp folder, and restart... This morning I have copies accumulating again, (pls see attached picture) Can you help me?
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