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  1. Hi Larry, This is not a usual use case for the Email plugin, and I cannot say that we have done anything along the same lines before. If you have an Enterprise License of Email, then you could potentially use a server-scheduled script to pull emails down in batches over time. I believe that would be the best case for you. Otherwise, you can try running a script that pulls emails in a loop, and limit the number of iterations, either with a variable and conditional statement to exit the loop, or use the SetRecursion function. Then, have that script run as an InstallOnTimer script, and leave that to run over the weekend. Alternatively, you can look into exporting your emails from whatever service you are using, and try importing them into FileMaker natively.
  2. Hi, Yes, you are correct that making the sync a one directional sync would be the simplest solution, even on a table to table basis. I am curious as to what functionality you would lose on WebDirect by doing so. What is your current conflict resolution set to? If it is currently set to "Hub always wins", then setting a backup copy of the database as the hub, would cause these deletions. Instead, if you set the resolution to "Most recent wins" then since the spoke records were modified more recently than the backup, they would be synced over instead of being deleted. You could try using "Will Delete" customization option on the spoke, where when a spoke record is marked for deletion you would exit the script, but I don't believe those records would then sync to the hub, unless the conflict resolution is set to "Most recent wins". Another option is to create an account that is used for syncing, and have that account be full access on the hub, but for the same account name on the spokes be unable to write/delete those records.
  3. Thanks for clarifying. It makes sense to have a lot of calendars, some of which would be filtered. Instead of sharing the calendar publicly, you should then share the specific calendars with their corresponding users. Here is a link on how to share the calendars with specific users: https://support.google.com/calendar/answer/37082?hl=en#zippy= . You can use the main google account to sync with, and then distribute the shared calendars with the correct users.
  4. Hi, Since Apple calendars will be unavailable to windows and android users, you would need to use either Google calendars or Exchange/Outlook calendars for those users. Please refer to our documentation on how to set up each of those with Zulu: http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Zulu_-_Syncing_with_Exchange_Outlook_Calendars & http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Zulu_-_Syncing_with_Google_Calendars . It looks like you're on the right track with your filtering and set up so far. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
  5. Support for our DocuBin product is now being handled by Michael Gaslowitz (678-568-9474) at https://www.standupsystems.com/ . Please reach out to him for support. Thank you.
  6. Hi, Please make sure to download and install the latest version of FTPeek. You can do so from our product webpage or from this link https://secure.360works.com/360Store/WebObjects/360Store.woa/wa/ProductDownload/FTPPLUGIN . You can also try deleting the supporting JRE and letting the plugin redownload it. To do this, make sure FileMaker is shut down and then open Finder and navigate to: /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support look for a 360Works folder and delete it. Once deleted, open FileMaker. You should see a progress window open that says "Preparing plugins for first use." Once this completes, go to Preferences->Plugins and make sure the plugin is listed there and checked as enabled. If it is not enabled, try to enable it.
  7. Henry, Thanks for the additional information. Since you aren't using Plastic to run the initial authorizations, you won't be able to get the AVS Codes for those transactions using Plastic. We could potentially try to add the functionality to receive the AVS status using a previous Transaction ID to Plastic, which would be custom work at our rate of $185/hr. If you are interested in a meeting to get a quote on that, I can let our project manager know. Another method you could try is have your webstore store the AVS information when running the authorizations, although I am not familiar with WooCommerce.
  8. Hi Henry, Assuming you are using Authorize.Net as your payment gateway, when calling CCProcessPayment, you should retrieve the Transaction ID back when the payment is successful. You can call CCProcessPayment in a calculation with the Set Variable script step, then use that variable to store the result. If that result is a successful transaction, you should then call CCLastAVS immediately after, and store the result. You can write the AVS code to a field or record along with the Transaction ID, to associate the two together. Then before capturing the authorized payments, you would check the AVS code field to see if you want to proceed with the transaction. Nick 360Works
  9. Marc, Thanks for the update, and for sending in the file. Please let us know if you need any other assistance.
  10. Marc, Could you please send an email to our support email support@360works.com with a copy of your document, so I can run some tests on it. I can then send you a demo database that runs the substitutions for you as an example. Nick 360Works
  11. Hi Marc, Thanks for explaining the issue clearly. It looks like your script and logic are fine. The issue may be with the file itself. Scribe requires Microsoft Word (2007 or later) for the .docx format. You may need to save the file in a more current version of word. You can also try using Scribe on some different .docx files, and see if they are triggering the same error. What version of Scribe are you using? Nick 360Works
  12. Markus, Apologies, that information is only pertinent in cases where the deletions occur in FileMaker. Since your setup is a server to server, with your SQL database as the spoke, there is no way to selectively disable records from hub to spoke. One alternative is to disable deletions entirely in the MirrorSync.xml file. That way, when hub records are deleted, the records would remain in SQL. You can locate that file at the following location: /Library/360Works/Applications/webapps/MirrorSync/META-INF You would then modify the following parameter to a value of "never": <Parameter name="deletionScanning" value="auto" />
  13. Hi Markus, Thanks for explaining your setup clearly. This is something that can be easily accomplished using the MirrorSync Customization Script, which is now a part of the MirrorSync Script in MS 6. In the "WillDelete" / A RECORD WILL BE DELETED ON THE HUB section of the script, you can constrain your found set to omit and filter out which records you want to be deleted. Therefore, you could limit your deletions only to records that are marked in a certain way (ie, existing records only) that you would want to be deleted. Unfortunately, specific MirrorSync customization falls outside the scope of our free support. If you would like one of our developers to help you write this customization we can do so at our hourly rate of $185.
  14. Hi Crawfcol, It seems like the related table and fields that the Portal Row is associated with is not set up to be synced. Because the records from the Portal are coming from a different table than the one that is syncing, you'll need to make sure that related table and the fields that you want to sync are set up in your MirrorSync configuration to be synced. MirrorSync doesn't really care about the portal, it just needs to know that you want to sync records from that related table, and the relationship between the two tables. After checking your MirrorSync configuration, and it seems like MirrorSync is not behaving correctly, then please submit a MirrorSync bug report from your MirrorSync admin page ( localhost/MirrorSync or yourserveraddress/MirrorSync) by clicking the Send problem report link.
  15. Hi pfroelicher, Zulu has functionality built in to handle recurring events. Instead of having many large multi-day events, you can create "recurring events" that occur based on any time or day interval. Please refer to our Zulu documentation on that subject at the following link http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Zulu_-_Recurrence . It is recommended that you create the recurring events on the non-FileMaker side of the calendars (ie. Apple Cal, Google, Exchange) as it is easier, but it is also possible to create the recurring event within FileMaker. There is a built in script in the Zulu Events interface table that can help you generate them. Make sure to create and map the Recurrence and RecurrenceID fields on your events table as well. Please let me know if you have any other questions on this topic.
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