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  1. Hi Infomatics, You shouldn't have any issues with this setup. The iPads will only be communicating with MirrorSync and not occupying licenses off FMS while syncing.
  2. Hi fishtech, In the MirrorSync table, there are fields called lastSuccessfulTimestamp, databaseVersion, and lastUsername or (get(AccountName)) that you can use to track those metrics. If you create a script that performs the MirrorSync script, and tracks the last values for those fields on a successful sync, you can keep a record of those in a separate table.
  3. Hi Reed, Yes, please send in a bug report by opening a web browser and navigating to yourserveraddress/MirrorSync or localhost/MirrorSync and clicking on the button that says "Send problem report". Are you using container data stored as references? This may cause an issue with MirrorSync as it is not supported. Can you open the hosted hub file, and open the "Manage External Data Sources" tab from File->Manage in FileMaker, and take a screenshot of that tab? You can check out our documentation on container fields and how they work with MirrorSync in our documentation at this link http://docs.360works.com/index.php/MirrorSync_5_advanced_topics#Does_MirrorSync_sync_container_fields.3F. Thanks
  4. Opera, Yes, if the iPad users are only sending in data from a particular table and do not need to pull data from the hub server a One-Way Sync from the spoke to hub on that table could make sense. However, it is not strictly necessary as bidirectional would still work, the benefit would be that if there is a large of amount of records or data on that table, it would save space and would make initial syncs faster. Within the MirrorSync configuration, you can set each table to sync either bidirectionally or one-way on a table to table basis if you would like. None of these changes would affect your ability to update the version number for when changes are made to the hub file. However, you may need to use "empty clones" when running an initial sync for new iPad users due to the need for a one-way spoke to hub table to be empty of records.
  5. Hi Mark, With the introduction of FileMaker 18, FileMaker now requires that all plugins have a signature verifying the plugin. This has caused generated plugins by ScriptMaster not be signed. Please follow the steps at this link here http://docs.360works.com/index.php/ScriptMaster#FileMaker_18_Changes on how to sign your own plugins. We are still looking into other methods, but at the moment this is confirmed to work.
  6. To add on to Ryan's reply, here is a link to our documentation on how to sign your ScriptMaster generated plugins http://docs.360works.com/index.php/ScriptMaster#FileMaker_18_Changes.
  7. Hi Scott, If transactions for other card types are working but not for American Express, I would first contact your Merchant Service Provider and double check that your have the ability to accept payments with Amex. Here is a helpful article on that topic https://raisedonors.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204711989-Authorize-net-and-American-Express. If that turns out not to be the issue, please attempt to process an Amex card to replicate the error, and send in the log file to support@360works.com so we can see what kind of errors you are receiving. You can follow the instructions at this page http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Plugin_log_files on how to locate that plugin log file. Thanks.
  8. Hi mark, There is a field called "lastSuccessfulTimestamp" on the MirrorSync table. If you setup a simple relationship between the MirrorSync table and the table with your button, you can show that field below it. You don't need to pull anything from the server to see this.
  9. Hi Reed, To reach the Launch Page, please open a web browser and navigate to yourserveraddress/MirrorSync or localhost/MirrorSync, then click the link that says "Send Problem Report".
  10. Hi Guy, comment is correct that you can accomplish this without any of our plugins. You can change the background color of a container by changing its Fill setting to a color under the appearance tab in the inspector panel. I don't believe there is a way to change the fill color in FileMaker using a script. However, a workaround is to have the container's fill color be set to "None", and have some rectangle objects hidden behind that container that will show up with conditional formatting. With our SuperContainer plugin, we do have an an option to change the background color of our SuperContainer. You can take a look at that option here in our documentation http://docs.360works.com/index.php/SuperContainer#Customizing_SuperContainer_Appearance. This also may be accomplishable with our ScriptMaster plugin, which utilizes Groovy to execute Java code, but we do not have an example module that does what you're asking so you would have to figure out how to write the Groovy code for that. We do offer consulting for custom work if that's something you are interested in having developed for you.
  11. Hi Jose, I see that you sent in a support ticket # HD-75759 a week ago. Sean sent you a reply that same day, "Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, we'll need to see those log files. After reproducing the issue, you can go to the 360Deploy launch page (probably http://s711480.fmphost.com/360Deploy/), click Send problem report and log files, fill out the form with the details, and submit it to us. Make sure the date selected corresponds to the day you produced the error." Did you not receive that message? If you are experiencing this issue still, please follow Sean's instructions. You can reply to that original ticket or submit a new one at support@360works.com. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately our Scribe developer is working on another project that has an immediate priority. However, when he is available, I will have him take a look at this behavior.
  13. Hi, When the Scribe plugin writes to documents, it takes on the formatting and styles of where it is writing to. Unfortunately, at the moment it is not able to specify a different format from where it is writing to. Creeper, there was a similar issue someone was experiencing before. Check your styles in MS Word under the Format drop down, and see if you have some formatting for tables being set. Another solution is to copy all contents and move it to a new word document that does not have any previous styling.
  14. Hi Mark, If the file is not being hosted on FileMaker Server, then you would have to find a workaround where you transfer a copy of the file to whatever computer or device you'd want to work on when not at home. How you transfer it would be up to you and also how large your database file size is. You would also have to be careful about which versions of the database you're working with. Obviously, having a hosted version of the database would make it easier to work while away from home as the database will keep all changes on the server file, but would require FileMaker Server. Nick 360Works
  15. Hi, unfortunately Zulu is only able to sync with Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and Exchange Outlook Calendar. There is API communication and calendar structure that is necessary for Zulu to be able to sync with these platforms.
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