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    Installation error

    Hi Ryan - still having problems, this time with the configuration. My dev files are currently stored locally which means I need to copy and paste scripts into the file(s) to be uploaded. My problem is that when I press the Copy Script Folder button, despite a dialog confirming that the script folder has been placed on the clipboard, the clipboard is empty, so I can't paste into the database. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Thanks Karl.
  2. KarlW

    Installation error

    Hi Ryan Thanks for the feedback. I did as you asked and then checked I could access the FM admin console, which was OK. I then tried to reinstall but got the same error. The installation process seems to go smoothly as indicated in the messages in the java window until the process tries to restart the IIS Web Server. OK, scrub that. On further investigation, in IIS Manager although the FMWebSite service had started, the Default Web Site was stopped. After starting this site I reran the installation which then succeeded. Lesson learnt: check all services that need to be running are running first! Many thanks for you help, though. Karl.
  3. KarlW

    Installation error

    Hi Ryan I can't access the 360Deploy page in a browser - even after a restart. I ran the installation again and as well as the Web Server message above, I then got another message: 360Deploy configuration process was unsuccessful or was cancelled. Setup will now exit. Files have been copied to the Program Files\360Deploy folder but no shortcut has been created. It may or may not be relevant but this FMS instance is running on WinServer2016 on Hyper-V. Again, any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Karl.
  4. Hi, I'm getting an error message trying to install 360Deploy on my WinServer2016 box: Installation failed: Unable to install : Web Server did not start after 30 seconds; giving up I have checked and the IIS sevice has started...any ideas on how I can resolve this? Thanks, Karl.
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