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  1. [Folks: I'm not really sure where to post this question; the TOC or possible places is a little intimidating!] FMP 17, Mac 10.14.2 Question: Is there a simple way to search for text within a record, showing the result in a useful way? Setup: I have several databases that I've been using since back in the day when every table was distinct. One of those is called 'Memo', which functions just like the name. I learned long ago that while FM works OK in this way, it is hardly a word processor. I work with this restriction for many reasons. And, I just keep it simple. From time to time, though, these documents become lengthy. And, from time to time, I need to find something in my current record. To do so, I search by Memo number and then by the desired text. This is hardy a burden. But repeat the process sufficiently and one starts to look around for ways to automate. Worse: FileMaker can't highlight the candidate found text. The word processor model yields more useful information: command-F, type the desired text, press enter/return. Depending on the software, either every instance is called out by underline or some other method, or the first instance is shown, while the next instance appears when the enter key is pressed, or similar result. As I said, FM is a database. It is not a word processor. But finding text is also part of database basket of tricks. So, as a newbie I looked around in the FM documentation. I always wondered what Quick Find actually is/means; but after playing around with it, doesn't look like it's going to help me. So, back to the original question: is there a simple way to search within a current record, and to display the result in a useful way?
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